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This Apple monitor does not exist...

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  • Closed This Apple monitor does not exist...

    Hi friends, in a separate thread a couple of years ago I drew a terrible picture of a green display monitor I've been trying to track down. My dad brought it home around 1981 with a brand new Apple //e.

    It was time to get serious so I employed some help to create an "artist's impression"! Here it is:

    Do you recognize this monitor? Obviously some details from 38 year old memories might be off, but I have a pretty clear memory of it as I used it every waking moment!

    Key features:
    - Tilt/swivel stand
    - Amber monochrome display
    - Dark perspex over the whole screen
    - Minimal or no branding

    Also, here are some monitors that are NOT the one. Although as you can see they share similar elements. Please kindly check these images to avoid repeat suggestions.

    Not the right monitors:

    Thank you so much in advance for helping me locate "the monitor that does not exist".
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    So, just to be sure, there is absolutely no chance, at all, whatsoever, that this monitor was ever caught in any family photo, taken by your family or someone else your family knows?

    - - - Updated - - -

    It's not this one, right?

    Click image for larger version

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      Just discovered the ‚Panasonic Action 6‘.

      Could it be the one?

      Scroll down here at this link:


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        That's the crazy thing. We just never photoed that area. It was in a home office and just not photo worthy I guess!

        Sadly it's neither of those two but thank you!
        Starglider aka Perifractic

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          this one ?
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            Thanks for this. It's funny you sent this now because I have recently been looking at this monitor. It is made by an Italian company called Prince. So far it is the most likely candidate although it is so hard to ratify 30 year old memories with reality. The only thing I don't recognize is the handle the pops up from the top and the buttons on the top, but who knows what I have forgotten. The LED in the corner of your photo is particularly familiar.

            Now I just have to find one and buy it! [emoji1696]
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              This many years long search is finally over!:

              Thanks to everyone that offered help!
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