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Space bar key cap for Mega ST keyboard

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  • Wanted Space bar key cap for Mega ST keyboard

    I have bought a Mega ST with a keyboard recently. However, the keyboard is missing the space bar key cap. So I'm on the hunt for one of those. I already checked on eBay and the space bar in those adds are already gone.

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    If it fits I have a space bar key cap from Atari 520/1040ST keyboard.
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      Sorry, I read the post but I had no time to answer and totally forget about it. So thanks for the PM. As I wrote in the PM:

      I can't use it, but thanks for asking.

      The Mega keyboard uses MX cherry keys/switches. The space bar has the same look and length as a normal 520/1040 but it will get stuck on the cherry switch. The stabilizer bar underneath has the wrong length and fitting as well.


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        Interested in a defective (broken plastics) Mega ST Keyboard?
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          Sure, as long as it has the space bar that is not broken. Otherwise it is pointless. Depends on the price of course.


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