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Working Ula chip for zx81

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  • Wanted Working Ula chip for zx81

    looking to buy ula chip for zx 81 only used original please

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    You know probably that spare ULAs for the ZX81 are sold out. There are replacements like vLA81 for a reasonable price or similar and they make a good service. I would recommend such a new replacement. You can order form time to time from one producer on New Zealand publishing vLA81 offering on the side. If you insist to buy the original ULA, then take into account some existing ZX81 will be the donor. I can sell you my original ZX81 ULA but it is much more expensive than replicas. My price is 70 euro. And there is no better offering on the eBay I bet. But for such a lot of money you can buy 2 vLA81 from that site I mentioned. If you are interested in the original ULA, let me know, I will post a picture of it. I have more ZX81s and this one is socketed nice clean ULA ZX81 tested and fully operational. But I waraned you it is expensive and I will buy those 2 vLA81 replacements for that amount of money to fullfill my lack of ZX81 ULAs.


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