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  • Closed Mad TV, Dune, Ork

    Looking for Mad TV, Dune and Ork, english or german

    Have the following for Trade

    Sealed, new old stock:

    Black Gold, like new (PC)
    Khalaan, box a bit crushed (PC)

    Used, variable condition:

    TRADERS (Box in very good shape, including 2 manuals and color code sheet (Amiga and 3 PC disks, those even the rare 2 5.25 disks and 3.5 disk)
    DUNE (PC with copied manual, box in very good shape)

    Microprose Formula One Grand Prix (Amiga, 3 disks with manual and box in very used shape)
    Links (Amiga, KIXX, 2 disks and manual, good shape)
    Cribbage King (Amiga, mild wear, manuals and disk in good shape)
    The Settlers (Amiga, mild wear of box, including disks and manual, good shape)
    Monkey Island (Amiga, 4 disks and manual, Kixx, like new)
    Spirit of Excalibur (Amiga, 3 disks, including map and manual, in very good shape, box with moderate wear)
    Robocop (Amiga, small box with manual and disk, moderate wear)
    Body Blows (Manual and box with moderate wear, 3 disks, Amiga)
    Brutal Football (Amiga, moderate wear of box, 3 disks, manual like new)
    The Settlers (yes, I got it twice, Amiga, moderate wear, 3 disks and 1 savedisk, no manual only a last minute change sheet)
    SkyChase (Atari, review copy, including 2 disks and manual, very good shape, cant test dont have an Atari and never will get one)
    Double Dragon (Amiga, moderate wear, dont know where the disk is, manual in good shape)
    Striker (Amiga, mild wear, floppy without the shield)

    Above games are currently not for sale, but you are free to make me a reasonable offer which might convince me otherwise,

    Anyway, am mainly looking for MadTV, Dune Ork for Amiga

    post pics and PM please, I can take pics of the whole lot if desired, I tried to describe their condition as good as possible

    thanks !


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    Found elsewhere, close thread!


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