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Atari STE Computer - 4Mb - TOS v1.62 - Refurbished

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  • Atari STE Computer - 4Mb - TOS v1.62 - Refurbished

    Atari STE computer-
    - 4mb of system memory
    - TOS v1.62 (Other versions can be installed on request - different languages too)
    - GEM v0.17
    - AES v1.40
    - Great Britain
    - Good DMA chip (I've also tested this computer with the UltraSatan without any problems)

    Other items:-
    - Power cable (available on request only)
    - RF aerial cable to connect the Atari ST to a television (available on request only)

    Refurbishment includes the following and more:-
    - Cleaned inside and out
    - Floppy disk drive heads cleaned
    - Keyboard joints for the joystick and mouse re-soldered
    - Power supply checked for aging capacitors and changed where required
    - Motherboard and keyboard motherboard checked for aging capacitors and changed where required
    - Format / verify / read and write test
    - Soak tested for 12 hours
    - Display clear on RF and monitor
    - External floppy disk drive connected and tested
    - UltraSatan device connected and tested
    - Printer connected and tested
    - 100 pass memory test
    - All screws present

    - No breaks or cracks to the case

    All Atari units are sent out double packed for extra protection - I am very mindful that these units are not smashed in transit to you!

    Price: £100.00 + postage
    UK - £15.00
    Europe: £40.00
    Rest of the world: POA
    Attached Files
    Atari 4Mb STE, Falcon 030 4Mb, Mega STE 4Mb, Atari 1Mb STFM, Atari 2.5Mb STFM, Atari 2Mb TT 030, UltraSatan, Satan Disk, BBC Micro B, Playstation 1, Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200.

    Proud owner and operator of:
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