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    I received I agree but I had a horrible bad adventurous experience with it.

    First the power button got loosed (due to horrible shipping and packing) so it would refuse to turn it.

    a) I opened it...and fixed the power button (-1) for shipping and handling
    b) Next problem when it turned on all I get is gray screen...nothing is working....just gray screen. I went into chat channel and we diagnosed a loose CPU went through the process of removing components and fixing the CPU card (-15)
    c) Then I turned it on again failed again (-10)
    d) I removed the HD and kept the CD-ROM (it worked)
    e) I put back the disk drive it worked
    f) I put the HD it failed

    Apparently when it was shipped with me the IDE was not installed after a very long time of trail and error I fixed the way IDE works (-50).

    Then I discovered the CD-ROM cannot be removed because on screw got stuck it refuses to be removed..rendering upgrading the media to DVD almost to impossible (-9)

    Then after getting everything and up and running the keyboard caused the Amiga 4000D to crash. When I have the keyboard hooked froze the computer all together..but as soon as I removed causes the system to reboot...and work..but the second I put the keyboard on...while the computer is on or off causes the system to freeze.

    I hooked the computer back on thinking I will have keyboardless computer but it worked again. Now everything works 100%. So with all that experience I give it another (-15) point.

    In the end I say the experience gave me -100....but eventually the machine works 100% (though I really should have not even needed to open it and fix it)...and there we have it.

    A working Amiga 4000D.

    The question is how was the packing done? Well, for a business store who have a website...I should not have a delicate equipment placed in a tired box, with bubbles that 90% deflated...that is what is between the computer and the outside world is a very thin box...with horrible packing..and on top of it the scotch tape is not done well.

    In the end I am surprised that the machine did not actually come in thousands of pieces.

    When someone asks me to ship them a computer, Amiga or any PC computer...I pack it with so much peanuts, very strong durable inflated bags and bubbles..then I put it in a strong cartoon...after that I put that inside another strong cartoon with other protective strong cartoon pads between the first cartoon and the inside cartoon.

    Then when I go to the canada post I ask them if I have done good packing that they should pack it even more....and I beg them to make sure it arrives safely.

    I do not run a business..I don't own a business and I do these can a business like yours pack a computer...a delicate one...a big the worst case is beyond me.

    I know AmigaKit when they pack something...I spend 10 minutes opening the package...that is how much they care about their products to arrive safely.

    From here and going on....I will buy all my items from that store.


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      so you're telling me you got you're amiga complete used and working as described

      and i get a negative feedback from you

      cause i did put it in a box and wrap it in bubble wrap but i did not put you (peanuts)

      no comment and thank you for you're business

      mode please close this thread
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        Originally posted by carlo3do View Post
        so ur telling me you got ur amiga complete used and working as described

        and i get a negative feedback from you

        cause i did put it in a box and wrap it in bubble wrap but i did not put you (peanuts)

        no comment and thank you for ur business

        mode please close this thread

        My problem was not problem was that you did not pack it well at all! My problem is you packed in a box that is almost about to die. My problem is you did not pack it with fresh bubbles. My problem is that I have to fix it, open it, repair it...why should I do that?

        All I have to say I thank God that it came alive and working. You missed the entire point. Should the computer be dead completely to justify what I wrote?

        What if I do not know anything about computers...or fixing them...I will end up demanding my money back from you! I will end up saying give me back my money and pay for the shipping and handling yourself because you failed to protect it from arriving safely. The box that it came so bad...I thought it came from a vegetable store from some trash outside. The bubbles that is wrapped around it will not protect a hand watch....there where no padding or protection between the computer and the wall of the box.

        When it arrived the power button switch became now I have to open it and fix it...why?

        I should not even need to open it...if it is packed good. I should not even need to figure out if the CPU is loose or not.

        OH ON THE SIDE note...just to put all of this on the air open...they keyboard is defective. If I try to move the keyboard it causes a short circuit between it and the computer freezing the computer...I have to remove the keyboard and put it back in again in order for the computer to reboot.

        In fact...that is another shopping spree i have to buy a brand new keyboard.

        So get that negative feedback because you earned it.


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          Ok guys. I'm going to close this down now.

          In future any disputes in the quality of an item should be taken up directly with the seller in PM.

          If a satisfactory resolution can not be found then it should be reported by using either the report post button or by PM to a Mod, Dev or Admin.


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