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GVP Impact Vision + Video Interface RGB Splitter

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  • GVP Impact Vision + Video Interface RGB Splitter

    Hi for sale GVP Impact Vision 24 + GVP Video Interface Unit RGB Splitter iam asking 300$ + shipping i tested the GVP Impact Vision 24 on amiga 4000 with workbench 3.1 and it works great it let you connect amiga on a pc monitor if you dont have a n amiga monitor as for GVP Video Interface Unit RGB Splitter
    i did not tested it its for professional video editing or something so its sold as is here some info on the product i am sure someone will be interested in this more than me

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    Not interested (not enough money and I already have a GVP IV24 broken but I would like to know what's the version of your Video Interface Unit? Model with ALL additional component input and output?

    [EDIT]: your pictures answered me! Thx.
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      prise reduce

      prise reduce to 300$ including shipping


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