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  • Amiga 500 Question

    Any ideas on what I might expect to get selling a Amiga 500 with 501 expansion and A570 cdrom drive all working in good shape.. Just curious.

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    It's one of the rules around here that we don't discuss prices.
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      Originally posted by Banstyx5 View Post
      Any ideas on what I might expect to get selling a Amiga 500 with 501 expansion and A570 cdrom drive all working in good shape.. Just curious.
      Hiyas Bantsy

      As CJ has stated you cannot ask for valuations here because this leads to price guiding and price driving... two things that are against the rules...

      Don't worry about that as I know you didn't mean it in such a way. As you are new, this is common, AmiBay is a little different compared to other trading venue's, we try and instill a little more of a social ethic and community conscience with trades conducted here.

      So, here's a simple why we don't give or allow evaluations on the public site.

      Say I asked for a valuation on my Uber Amiga A9000 - some guy in the US, says "Wow that's gotta be worth $300,000 as I have never seen one over here!!!", however some other guy Germany states... "well there very common over here so that would be about $50,000"

      So who's right? the truth is .... neither.

      The problem is that issues like this causes arguments and that leads to flame wars, as some areas where some items are prolific are cheap and on the flip side where some countries never got an official release - some items are very difficult to get hold of.

      So AmiBay developed a prime directive...

      "we do not give public evaluations, as what an item is worth comes down to two express conditions

      1. What you are willing to sell it for
      2. What some one is willing to buy it for.

      When both these conditions are met, you have a point of sale. A point of sale is not a statement of an items worth, only what it sold for at that point time.

      I hope that helps, please take some time to read the rules and guidelines, I am sure you will find AmiBay a happy friendly place, and the more you put into it the much more you will receive =)
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        Yep both Zetr0 and CJ are both correct regarding the rules. One suggestion I have is to look at previous A500s that have been sold. Some of the archived sales threads still have the prices they sold for. Of course, in the end, it really depends on what you yourself think it's worth and of course if anyone is after one. Good luck if you decide to sell it


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          As Geraldine mentioned using google and putting amiga 500 and amibay and for sale down is within rules and gives answers.

          You might wan't to split the search for each individual component to get the proper price indication. As Zetro mentioned, finding, selling something is really depending on country. I somethimes have difficulty not to give comments but hey as we say in dutch speaking out loud is silver, being silent is gold (and yes, rules are rules)
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            The value is going to be a Curly Wurly, can of coke and a packet of crisps

            Actually we could do this by just saying how many cans of coke an Amiga is worth?

            500 - 25 cans
            1000 - 200 cans
            4000 - 400 cans
            4000T - vending machine
            Nyx Motherboard - are you nuts?


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              To be honest I am rather partial to coke, may have to let my 1200 go
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