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  • Feed Back

    Please place your Feed Back here.

    Feed back should be an honest reflection on how you believe your trade went.

    Ed meega: only for deals conducted through Amibay, please.
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    Re: Feed Back

    Brought an atx to Amiga 1200 / 600 adapter, came very well packaged and protected, shipping costs are very good and the price off the cable also, total with shipping 14,43€ (cable was $12 AUD). The cable is very good and worked flawlessly. Payment was sent on 18 August , cable arrived on the 26 August (very fast , from Australia!!!). A very nice deal in deed! Thanks Ultrareliable!
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      Re: Feed Back

      Got an ATX to A3000D cable and ATX to 600/1200 cable from Nathan. Both excellent quality and quick delivery from Oz (amazed!).

      Thanks again bud, great product, great service, great trader


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        Re: Feed Back

        I bought a metric ton of ZIP ram from Nathan, every chip was as good as gold, and I got them quicker than I wanted them.

        (only exaggeration is the "metric ton" part.)

        I'd definitely deal with him again.


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          Re: Feed Back

          I wish all my buying experiences were so good as with Nathan (Ultrareliable)

          This guy really loves amiga, and he shows it by building the cables/adapters with so much passion and care (and quality!!)

          All i can say, honestly, is that i wish i was a neigbour of this guy!!!!!

          I sent payment for a couple of cables, they took less than 10 days to arrive, everything in perfect working condition, well packed...
          I was very imporessed by the "professional" look and quality of the cables, and by the seller, keeping updates all the time...

          Ultrareliable, you rock!!!!

          Thank YOU very very much!!!!

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            Re: Feed Back

            Ordered an A1200 & A3000D ATX cable. Very pleased with the results and the delivery time.

            Absolutely fantastic.

            Thank you !


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              Bought a 64 mb memory module
              Bought an A1200 atx power cable
              Bought an A4000 atx power cable
              Bought an old scool rom switcher.

              Bought the amiga 500 to color composyte ..

              happy with all of them.

              Had some issues, but this had nothing to with the build quality, nor the service, wich is exellent. And he likes to think with you a little, to solve a problem.

              Would recommend to anyone! Wich I am actually doing..

              The seller alway's tried to give some support if needed to.. The items were alway's rather quick delivered to, if it takes a little more thime, then you get a decent message to.
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                Bought a couple of 68882s from Nathan. Great price, rapid-fast delivery and well-packed. Can't really ask for more!
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                  Just got a some bits from Nathan,very happy,great service credit to the Amiga Community.




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                    Got the A3000 ATX adapter cable works great for modding my A3000PSU to use a DURO 400W ATX PCB.


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                      Bought a CPU, FPU and some mem..

                      it was a real pleasure of dealing with nathan.
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