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PowerBook 160 w/ Lots of extras

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  • Closed PowerBook 160 w/ Lots of extras

    Got a nice setup here for people into old powerbooks

    A PowerBook 160
    4MB RAM 40MB HDD
    Asante EN/SC Micro SCSI Ethernet Adapter
    Apple Portable Stylewriter Matching Printer- is missing the data cable and power adapter

    Then you also get a couple 145s as well and some extra AC Adapters in with the lot

    $100 + shipping for this lot or ill swap ya for an interesting cards for Apple IIs / IIGS's

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    Ooh, that SCSI->Ethernet is a great bit of kit! My 170 would love it

    What would shipping for the pack excluding microwriter to the UK be? Happy to pay for it all, but I don't want the MW shipping as it would kill any deal
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      PM sent w/ shipping cost


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