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Everdrive group buy 2014

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  • Everdrive group buy 2014

    As some forums are annoying with there PM programs (Urgh one at a time) im posting the mass message here.
    People that have yet to pay with a week left will be pestered

    Also, no PMs saying "Paid" I want to keep my inbox clean
    Thank you for taking part

    Now comes the time of great posting payments.
    Well when I have them all here

    All payments must be in Pound sterling (£)
    All Payments must be via Paypal
    If its gift or personal payment (recommended to cover your self) you must pay the fees on your end, I do not want to be out of pocket on this, any that dont pay the fee will be refunded
    Pick up is fine
    If you want them shipped to r0jaws for modding or to a third party let me know and ill sort out a rate depending on how many get sent

    Postage costs are £5 UK main land, smaller ones I can get 4 in a padded envelope, over seas is working out at about £10 (if its a few pence over ill take it out of the tips)
    PMs to me shall contain
    What it is
    The same Paypal address shall be used

    Ill send PP details then (My Ctrl, C and V keys are getting faded)
    I would ask for a tip, but that would be cheeky so ill say to bung a few quid in a the next charity box you pass

    Ami Out
    limboy777 o
    scoobyatgb o
    amigaoldschool o
    Firthy2002 o
    chubsta o
    The Last Bandit o
    Threepwood o
    mr_ppp O
    billdooruk o
    stiggy2009 o

    KEEPING OPEN!! Just to get to the 10, do not send money yet

    Everdrive MD $60.00 each - 7
    Ami - protek,
    J+ - penrhos, acidburn, urbanledge,
    RCM - Andy_ream, stiggy2009, muguk

    Famicom N8 - $85.00 each - 4
    J+ - Pyongyang, uberpixel, Beaps, gojira54

    Master everdrive $60.00 each - 7
    Ami - sir_beaker, soeter04, Firthy2002, scoobyatgb, -Acid-, scrappysphinx, amigaoldskool
    J+ - Simonden

    GameGear $60.00 each-?
    RG - ArchaicKoala

    Special offer from r0jaws
    I'll open it up to everyone, if you want me to modify a donor cartridge with chips soldered in and cartridge cases modified to include an SD card slot I will setup a Just Giving webpage where you can make a donation for the work. Just send me a donor cartridge and some stamps for return postage (or send me a couple of quid via PayPal for recorded return delivery)

    It will most likely be for the Make a Wish Foundation & Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, you can choose which one to give your donation too. The amount is upto you, I don't mind if it's a £1 or £10, whatever you like is Ok.
    I will sort it out when DBloke/DPrinny/Mike is about to get the orders in.
    TL;DR - Certain PCBs need a chip to get them to work, the N64 one needs a CIC chip from the region that the console is in order for it to work, these are found in every N64 game.
    The Super Everdrive can have a "DSP1" chip soldered onto it to make Super Mario kart work theres a list online that lists games that have this chip
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    After much consideration, I maybe interested in the NES ED if there is enough interest.
    Are you gathering the troops on Jamma+ and RG to?


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      I might be interested in the SD2SNES.


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        I be interested in the SD2SNES!


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          better wait for the Gameboy-ED to get released as well
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            +1 to that. I would definitely go for a Gameboy version.
            Announced HERE
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              Originally posted by r0jaws View Post
              After much consideration, I maybe interested in the NES ED if there is enough interest.
              Are you gathering the troops on Jamma+ and RG to?
              Maybe make it on other forums is someone else wants to plug it over there.

              Ordering for myself wise, I might get the updated Super Everdrive or SD2SNES, I have everything else. if its one or two short on certain ones I could get another.

              Im also going to get the RCM types in on this as they are after some

              better wait for the Gameboy-ED to get released as well
              Unless its out by then I might do them as a separate thing
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                Well I don't mind announcing it on RG, but seeing the result we had the last few times, I'm not sure it's worth it.


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                  Thats the general feeling I have.

                  The Jamma+ one went well, some had to pull out due to money constraints (Why don't I have them as much?)

                  Rustling up 10+ for the likes of the GameGear would be hard.

                  Its a shame there isnt other flashcart selling types that do discounts.

                  Checked the going rates and $60 = £36.54, so conversion rates seem to be going back to as they where about 5 years ago
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                    I might be up for a sd2snes.


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                      1. I'd be interested in a Mega Everdrive or Everdrive MD as my current Mega Everdrive is a stupidly tight fit so I wouldn't mind replacing it.

                      2. If I get a Famicom I'd be interested in that version of the N8. I've got the NES one but I get weird things when running non-EU images on my PAL NES (the health bar etc on Castlevania scrolls off the screen as you move and so on). I've not actually looked into it yet but I am assuming it has something to do with the timing differences?

                      3. Master Everdrive.
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                        Possibly interested in everdrive 64 and everdrive md. Will keep an eye on the thread see how things go


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                          Interested in NES, SNES, N64, SMS, SMD and PC Engine everdrives, will check this thread when i'm back from holiday. Dito for my bank balance, obviously
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                            i may be interested in a NES (in shell) one, come April/May
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                              Sounds good.

                              Stick me down for a Turbo Everdrive (although given the last group buy might not get the numbers) and a Mega Everdrive.


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