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  • Sold BBC Model B, with extras


    I've overspent (as one does, or at least I do) and the necessary collection trimming, continues. Please take this before I magically change my mind (also, again) £100 (was £110) plus £12 UPS paypal gift, Uk destination please.

    BBC model B, issue 3 board with MMFS, ADT etc

    motherboard checked out and modded by Thecorfiot to allow 64k of roms AND added 32k Sideways RAM. Now is a bit like a master in this respect.

    Serviced PSU with new filter capacitors.

    I also asked he mod the board and fit the classic Kenneth Kendal speech (a modern reproduction TMS emulator and speech rom)

    buyer also gets a nice Retroclinic repro speech manual

    the previous owner tried to re-stick the black vinyl underneath, I havent tidied that up but you can see its part-on, part-curled as per the pic. there's a chip to one corner as per pic. It's a bit more yellowed than the pics imply but its not proper full on yellow. slight to middle I'd say.

    AND it has a Retroclinic microSD card adaptor and MMFS EEPROM, so you shift break into a games menu. I'll supply a micro sd card (for site rules no actual image supplied with software on) I'll advise the buyer where to find a beeb.mmb file, so shift break and off you go. Control-break to reset, shift break to back to the menu and load another game.

    Its fab, the B is easily the best BBC for games compatibility,

    buyer can add a floppy drive or a cheap little gotek on the floppy port, and or add a raspberry pi co-processor underneath for about £20 that will emulate a 6502 co-pro at standard or 150mhz speeds, arm, x186 and Z80 etc, the whole set i think. The BBC is the classic expandable computer, just see for a ton of expansions.

    advanced disk toolkit and roms as per pic.

    ....and you can play elite

    pics will add in the next few days, any questions just shout! iain
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    hello, pics below:

    Click image for larger version

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        too much? price cut to £100. Will list elsewhere soon. ta


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          Not the price so much but maybe the shipping that is troublesome, UK is already filled up with these you know.
          Intested, I'll buy it if you could ship this to Norway?
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            Hello Mr Flash

            I'm Ok to send it, here's the issue that keeps me up at night. if I post a computer to Uk, and there's a problem, it's easy to resolve. either its local, or there's someone who can fix it nearby. if I send it over the water then the costs ramp up (£25/30euro's each way?) and disapointment might creep in and I like all my sales to be sweet and happy.

            if you are OK that it'l be sold "as is", with my pictures and my word of the condition, and it arrives and you have issues, i wont realistically be able to do much to help directly...

            if you're happy with that then I'll look into costs and make sure it's doubled-boxed and protected. let me know.

            Thank you for asking! .. thats honestly the only reason why I asked for UK destinations. IAIN
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              I didn't expected otherwise, I'm used to such conditions and I usually "recognize" scammer tendencies from the writings alone, and you seem OK to me.


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                nice to know ditto!

                I'll PM you now.


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                  I've received the machine. All is good.


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                    Lovely! +feedback left.

                    Have fun Mr Flash

                    PS if you need in depth support, q's in the amibay forums or or will get you masses of Beeb help. Its a great machine


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                      Originally posted by Flash951 View Post
                      I've received the machine. All is good.
                      Don't forget to return the feedback please



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