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BBC A3000 4 Mbytes, SCART cable, new battery, 20 disks games and PDs.

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  • Closed BBC A3000 4 Mbytes, SCART cable, new battery, 20 disks games and PDs.

    I've got a cosmetically quite clean BBC A3000 with RISC OS 3.11, original mouse, a new 4 Mbyte upgrade fitted (new = built in 2011 by an ex commercial seller specialised in Acorn expansions ie 'IFEL'. I bought nearly 100% of his production at the time).

    Brand new rechargeable VARTA fitted by me, motherboard washed and cleaned after I completely dismantled the computer.

    Picture is crystal clear, SCART cable provided.

    I sell it with 20 disks full of games (Pacmania, James Pond, Odd Ball and more) and PDs (games like Tertis, Hextris), famous demos, utilities (zippers/dezippers commonly used on the Archie), mod players (QTM, DSYM) with some 8 channel modules, pictures viewers (Translator, FYEO).
    I can also provide ASM development tools if interested.

    I'm a regular user and ASM programmer on this platform (demos) and currently working on a game project using hardware features of the Archie discovered recently(See :, so i can provide software and tools if you're interested, links to online ARM programming courses and even sources.

    Buying this machine means we can stay in contact and in the future I can provide additional software, games, mods etc ... as long as you provide disks and pay the postage to send the disks back to you.
    I'm a member of the Acorn Stardot forums and like to promote the Archimedes, a machine too few people (to me) understand is an outstanding platform.

    Asking price : 215 euros + shipping at cost.
    For example shipping to France would cost 30 € with La Poste but I could also use a Point Relais if you wish.

    Pictures to follow.


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    Waiting for pictures...


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      Waiting for pictures as well, I've always been fascinated by risc machines and mostly interested in programming them using Assembly or other languages.
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        interested, pm ssssssss


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          Is this machine still on sale, after all? The original listing is almost one month ago, if I have read right.
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            Yes sorry guys I've been busy recently, and not for the best, and also disappointed to see the RTC has a well known issue when aging : time elapses too slowly.
            I'll post some pictures tomorrow morning anyway, and 1st persons who declared interest will be 1st served if confirming interest.


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              Hi all.

              After checking on a forum, it's not a good sign when the RTC + CMOS chip misbehaves (for this machine, time elapses too slowly) so I withdraw the sale.
              I've got some spare chips so I'm going to repair the Archie and also mod it to get unfiltered sound at the same time, and I'll come back here.

              Sorry for that, but it wouldn't be honest to sell a machine at a higher cost than Ebay, to end up with a 'broken' machine (again as found most of the time on Ebay).
              Not having the perfect time on an Archie isn't an issue, but if the CMOS part of the chip ends up malfunctioning, silly configuration values make an Archie unusable.
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                I appreciate your move to withdraw the sale, Archimedes.
                Many users here are curious about the Archie (like me) as they've never got or even seen one before.
                And they certainly don't have the necessary experience to detect problems on machines never owned or used.
                Keep calm and have a


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