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Miicrovitec Cub colour monitor

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  • Closed Miicrovitec Cub colour monitor

    i have a microvitec monitor im selling due to the fact i have a few so this must go

    it has been serviced,and has a new mains cable and plug etc.

    monitor is fully working,unfortunatly i cant take a picture of it in action as my camera dont like the screen refresh...

    im looking for £40,and its a uk sale only as i dont trust this overseas,so its pickup only

    any questions feel free to ask.

    if your interested,after posting interest please send me a pm for my address.

    im happy to show it working on pickup

    i have got too much hardware,it would only hurt your eyes to look at it here

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    Hi, I'm interested but can't really travel far as I don't drive. Are you (he asked hopefully) in the South East?


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      Well, as part of Amibay policy, he has filled in his 'Region' as Birmingham, I doubt it.
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        sorry everyone,this was sold a while back off site

        can a mod please close this please

        p.s....i had no pm either,so i wouldnt of been able to answer the question im not on here much these days
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        i have got too much hardware,it would only hurt your eyes to look at it here


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