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68EC020 TK - new A500/A1000/A2000 accelerator by Matze

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  • For Sale 68EC020 TK - new A500/A1000/A2000 accelerator by Matze

    24.04.2020 Update!
    New Batch arrived! Offering here 10x 68EC020TK Cards
    New updated revision with DIP switches,
    switching between 28Mhz / 35Mhz
    reguires no soldering now to change frequency.

    feel free to place Your orders

    Important NOTE!
    There will be a commercial offer of these cards at some point,
    will inform here as soon as i know more about price and site...
    Thank You very much for Your support!

    Hello dear Amigan's

    some of You already know me as 8 Bit Dreams
    i'm a retro computer enthusiast who spends his time by repair and building open-source retro computer related hardware
    for a big range of home computers, making them more powerful and comfortable to use.
    generally i do it for my personal use, however, i do like retro related forums like
    A1k, Exxos, EAB, & Amibay, and want to support them somehow.

    decided to offer small batches of hardware i am able to build, and sell them to the people without or with limited soldering skills.
    With this move i can shoot two rabbits with one shot:
    more happy retro computer users, and a possibility to donate some cash to support our forums
    - i think that's great!

    This time offer an 68EC020 TK - an accelerator card designed by Matthias Heinrichs (Matze)
    This accelerator was designed for all 68k CPU based Amiga computers like A500 /A1000 /A2000
    CPU: Motorolla 68EC020 running @28Mhz /35Mhz
    FPU: NO
    IDE: Yes, powered (Pin20 provides power to CF / DOM modules)

    DMA Support: Yes

    RAM: 11MB (4 Memory profiles)
    8MB + 1,5MB Ranger + 1.5MB A0-B8 +ROM-Overlay (Total 11MB+1.5Mb FakeROM)
    6MB + 1,5MB Ranger + 1.5MB A0-B8 +ROM-Overlay (Total 9MB+1.5Mb FakeROM)
    8MB only

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2018-07-17 07.37.03.jpg
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ID:	1566253 Click image for larger version

Name:	2018-07-15 13.34.19.jpg
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ID:	1566228 Click image for larger version

Name:	2018-07-15 13.35.53.jpg
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ID:	1566229 Click image for larger version

Name:	2018-07-15 13.33.04.jpg
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ID:	1566230

    As You see this card isn't fastest one, it also hasn't FPU, yet it beats A2630 accelerator with 030 CPU easily!
    This accelerator is also friendly to a big range other hardware due DMA support.
    it's a perfect expansion for playing WHDLoad games, or even build an expanded Amiga with RTG Grapic card,
    offering correct quit function and enough memory for even advanced games. All in all great hardware!

    Matze has opened he’s accelerator card sources – everyone is welcome to build these cards.
    All information about can be found on Gitlab. It’s free for non-commercial purposes.

    Update from 24.04.2020
    have limited order of 10 cards in total, offering these for sale as I don’t need all of them, just one or maybe two..
    This revision has DIP switch to choose between 28 and 35Mhz (some cards from last batch was not happy on 35Mhz) so now You can lower the frequency if You run into stability issues

    Currently available: 10 cards

    1. Cards are offered as is, or in sets with all necessary - relocator boards, CF adaptor, and IDE extension included
    2. i am responsible for the card i have built, will try to help solving issues if You have any,
    however, You need to understand that this is pure hobby project, rather than a ready to use commercial product with warranty and full support, hence support i can offer is limited by my full time work and family

    Asking 125€ for accelerator only,
    or 140€ for accelerator + relocator, CF Card adapter and ribbon cable extension.

    A2000 version with CPU Slot card (additional IDE, Clockport) will change the owner for 145€
    PayPal as a friend/family or add 4% to cover fees
    Also IBAN payment is accepted

    Postage fees from 01.01.2020 are
    8.50€ to any country (tracked & insured)
    (5,00€ for Germany)
    Best regards,

    - 8 Bit Dreams

    21.05.2020 Update
    here is some interesting information i'd like to share:
    as You may know, i've assumed that not all cpu's i've used are working stable @35Mhz as some WHDLoad games crashed,
    had time to make a deeper investigation - it turned out that all cards are whorking just fine @35Mhz, the issue why some WHDLoad is crashing is SlowRAM!!! seems some games doesn't expect to see expanded Fast + Slow RAM at same time..
    Close MEM1 Jumper - to disable SlowRAM, and

    to Update Your card to 35Mhz:
    1. remove R4 resistor and place it on R12
    2. flash a new firmware (see first post in this thread, or on Gitlab)
    3. Close MEM1 Jumper - to disable SlowRAM - now You should be able to start any WHDLoad game without issues
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    8 Bit Dreams - computer & hardware repair in Germany

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    Declare interest. PM sent.


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      Originally posted by OXCOM View Post
      Declare interest. PM sent.
      PM was answered, pending payment
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      8 Bit Dreams - computer & hardware repair in Germany


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        Declare interest

        - - - Updated - - -

        PM sent
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          Hi, declaring interest, pending infos in PM


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            PM's repied to:
            Epongette withdrawn his interest
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            8 Bit Dreams - computer & hardware repair in Germany


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              Declare interest


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                I am interested. PM sent. Thank you!


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                  Payment sent.


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                    Added mari83pl and finrock to waitlist, will contact you as soon as your card is ready for shipping.
                    Kind regards,
                    8 Bit Dreams - computer & hardware repair in Germany


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                      Interested - what time frame are we talking before shipping to the UK? TIA!
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                        Declaring interest in one A2000 version for CPU Slot. Do you have a picture of this version?
                        A1200 (NOS) : 030 33MHz 128MB fast RAM (ACA1232) : Indivision AGA MkII : 8GB CF : RR USB : Ethernet
                        A600 #1 : 080 V2 : 128MB fast : 2MB chip : Indivision ECS : 32GB CF : RR USB
                        : Ethernet | A600 #2 : 010 : 2MB chip
                        A500 : 68000 42MHz : 1MB chip : 8MB fast : 4GB CF | A500+ : 080 V2+ : 128MB fast : 2MB chip : 32GB CF


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                          to queue, four boards left!

                          - - - - Update - - - -

                          PM with payment detais sent to user
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                          8 Bit Dreams - computer & hardware repair in Germany


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                            Item received in perfect working order. Thanks very much.
                            Feedback left.


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                              Positive feedback's exchanged with user OXCOM
                              Payment received from user MalleB, will update tracking info as soon as parcel gets sent.

                              About A2000 relocator - it was presented in the 030 accelerator thread, here is another picture of the card:
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	2018-07-23 18.35.51.jpg
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ID:	1466042
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