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  • Closed Amiga 620

    Hello, I sell my Amiga 620

    Motherboard to check (IDE defect)

    Rom 3.1

    A603 ,1MB Chip RAM, battery backed-up clock

    ACA 620 CPU 68EC020 and 10.8+5 MB RAM

    Indivision ECS V1 VGA

    HxC Floppy Emulator Slim

    No mouse, no power supply included

    Pictures here

    Price 250 euros + 40 euros europe shipping cost
    payment with paypal or revolut
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    Declare interest. Please contact me through PM


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      PM sent


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        interested next in line please
        My YouTube Channel:

        CD32 + TF330, A500+ Vampire V2, A1200D + BPPC/BVision/SCSI2SD, A1200T Black Box + Mediator B1260 + Killer K1 PPC


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          Payment sent, shipping details were sent through PM to the seller.


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            A week has already passed and i'm still waiting for shipping info and no reply from the seller. Almost every day i sent him a PM and no response so far. I'm going to alert Paypal to this matter as of now. If you want to solve the problem, contact me asap.


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              Hello, sorry for the delay. I will prepare the package and send you the tracking number no later than 09/10/2021.


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                Ok keep me posted.


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                  Deadline almost Over and nothing yet


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                    Today is the 10th and nothing yet. If no info till 19:00 today i'm going to reclaim the Money with Paypal


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                      As the Seller had the time to be in the Forum 2 times today , but no time to answer any of my Messages to him, i've contacted Paypal and i'm waiting for a reply. I'm hoping this will be solved peacefully.

                      Send the item or refund the money, as of now i don't really care. But in the future and my advice to anyone is forget Paypal Friends and Family and always pay Paypal Fees ( as i did ). In the meantime, i would like to make a suggestion to the moderators : Sales Threads should have an estimate time for shipping and sellers stating availability to answer Private Messages.

                      - - - Updated - - -

                      The seller was here right now, i've sent him another PM and no answer again.


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                        Hi all, as the seller doesn't dignify to answer any of my messages, i've already escalated to Paypal's complaint and hopefully this will get solved.

                        Let's wait for scenes from the next chapter.


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                          As forseen no item recieved , no messages , no Private Messages. The seller didn't reply to Paypal either. I've got a Full Refund from Paypal so case solved.


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                            This is sad news glad you got your money back
                            Got too many Amigas, Think I gotta problem


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                              This guy scammed two others persons (2x 400€) on a French Forums:
                              One was able to get back his money from paypal.


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