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Amiga 1200 Rev 1A with 8MB fast-ram, IDE-SD and more

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  • Closed Amiga 1200 Rev 1A with 8MB fast-ram, IDE-SD and more

    *price drop to £350 and I've added an 8MB simm in place of the 4MB one.

    I am reluctantly selling my Amiga 1200 (REV 1A) which comes with:
    M1207 fast-ram expansion (populated with a 8MB simm, new 40Mhz FPU and a new clock battery).
    IDE to SD card adaptor (with a blank 16GB SD card).
    Original mouse.
    Original Amiga box.

    The entire setup works perfectly. I purchased the Amiga privately a few years back from the original owner. No issues or crashes. I've used it for games and demos for the past few years.

    As you will see in the pictures I upload shortly, I've tested all components via SysTest. All components work flawlessly, including the floppy, keyboard and mouse. I've also ran an external floppy drive, Amiga to PC serial connection, joystick, RGB output to TV, audio out and GVP sound capture card so all the i/o ports have been tested. I will also include two new microswitches for the mouse so they can be replaced when the time comes.

    The floppy drive is a Chinon which works perfectly. I've read and formatted many disks with it.

    Cosmetically there is a little yellowing on the keyboard and mouse as can be seen. The case has no yellowing though. All screws and plastic clips are intact. No damage to the case.

    I have made no modifications to the Amiga, apart from stripping and cleaning it and the PSU when I purchased (something I do to all my systems purchases).
    I will only ship to the UK. I will post insured and the Amiga will be very well protected.

    Asking price which includes shipping is £350 (dropped from £400). Payment via Paypal.

    If the listing doesn't sell with the first 2 days, I will also list elsewhere.

    I'll upload more photos within the next few minutes.
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    Few more pics, more to come...
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      More pics and SysTest results.
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        Price drop to £350 plus I've added an 8MB simm in place of the 4MB one (would a mod be able to change the title to reflect this ram increase please? ) <Done>, and will post insured for free.

        Also, some history on this Amiga 1200. I bought privately from the previous owner who owned this Amiga 1200 and the 1207 ram expansion from new. It was used up until the late 90's and then stored within his family home (in a container, inside of a wardrobe). It is original, not messed with and even has the original hard drive which I will add a photo of. Note that the original hard drive no longer works, hence why I added the ide-SD adapter.

        It is also a 1A build which I believe is an original first run?

        All caps are fine, no bulging. The Amiga works perfectly, I've played games, watched demos, run many instances of AIBB, no issues.
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          Please could this thread be closed now as I've sold the Amiga elsewhere, thanks.


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