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Amstrad CPC464

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  • Closed Amstrad CPC464

    Hi all, had this machine sitting for a while so thought it's time to offload it.

    It is main machine with 5v 2a psu, RGB scart and some tapes. A second DC socket has been installed in the back of the case and piggybacked to the power input to provide the 5v required for the scart with an additional power connector attached to the scart cable. The scart cable also has a stereo audio connector too. A 3.5mm audio socket has also been installed on the right hand side near the volume control to allow the use of an MP3 player for loading software.

    I have tested the tape deck with Ghostbusters as seen in the pics and I have also tested the Roland on the Ropes and Fruit Machine tapes but all other tapes are untested.

    The label on the top right corner has been bent up as though someone tried to remove it and one of the screw holes on bottom has been burrowed larger, I assume a previous owner didn't have the correct size screwdriver.

    Lastly the power adapter has been previously opened and glued back together, i got it with the machine like this and it hasn't affected use but it doesn't look pretty.

    I have no idea as to what this is worth so I am asking £45 (was £60) plus p&p

    *Please Note*

    At the moment I am only able to accept payment by bank transfer

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    Let's try £45 plus p&p


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      PM send.
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        Thanks for your offer, but just I saw this:

        At the moment I am only able to accept payment by bank transfer
        sorry, but I didn't see this notice earlier.

        I must withdrawn my interested.

        Best regards and good luck in your sale.

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          Last drop before ebay, now £40 plus p&p, i have located a CPC464 user manual that will be included, its not in the best condition, bent pages and some pen on some pages but it appears complete. I also have a Amsoft JY2 joystick i'll include too.

          *Again i can still only accept Bank Transfer at the moment*


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            Closing thread, CPC is no longer available.


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