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Please read me before posting

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  • Please read me before posting

    Please make sure that you are familiar with the Rules and User Notice which can be found in the AmiBay News and Info forum.

    In addition, the site rules can also be found via the "Forum Rules" link at the top of the site at all times.

    NOTE: Also remember you will have to accept these rules before the site will unlock many of its features in your account.

    Post updated by Harrison.

    Selling on AmiBay

    If you have a post count of less than 50 then you will be expected to provide proof of ownership for items of a value of £50 ( Total sale value inc fees & Postage ) or more.
    This is to be in the form of a photo of the item with a piece of paper showing the 1:- forum name, 2:- your forum name and 3:- the date the item is listed For Sale.

    Keep your threads updated:
    You must keep your sales thread up to date. You may update the original post with the status of your items, using phrases such as SOLD to [Member Name]. We also recommend updating your thread with a new post with other pertinent information, such as "Money received" and "Item sent".

    You may revise your thread at any time, however, you are required to leave the prices, descriptions and your terms of sale in place once a sale has been completed. This information is a receipt of the transaction between you and your buyer. If you are struggling to keep threads updated, please contact a member of staff to help.

    Bumping your thread:
    'Bumping' is defined as posting in your For Sale or Wanted thread for the purpose of bringing it to the top of the list of most recent threads. Unless you have made a significant change to your thread you may only bump your post once every two weeks. A significant change, refers to a price change or any other relevant information that will be important to a buyer.
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