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Apple Macintosh LC III package

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  • Closed Apple Macintosh LC III package

    For sale:

    Apple Macintosh LC III
    • 256KB VRAM added
    • 16MB RAM SIMM added
    • PDS slot not used, cover still there
    • nice and clean overall with some yellowing, see natural light photos
    • the Lithium battery has been removed as it is dead
    • the computer does not boot from its Quantum hard drive which audibly spins up but seems not to be recognized
    • it boots from floppy (used an internet download 7.1 system floppy)

    Pending further tests I'd assume it needs a new SCSI HD or SCSI2SD. There are some internet sources saying it might work with a new battery but I have yet to get one.

    I have acquired the following accessories for testing which I would like to sell together with the machine:
    • Microspeed (3rd-party) Deluxe/Mac KB106/MD full-size ADB keyboard
      • keyboard has left/right and left rear/right rear ADB connectors
      • comes with a rather longish cable suitable for under-desk computer placement, curly bit not visible on pictures)
      • German (QWERTZ) layout
      • keyboard is not fully tested for lack of a suitable program but Opt-Cmd-P-R PRAM reset keys work

    • Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II single-button ADB mouse

    • UNIMAC-82D configurable Apple to VGA video adapter
      • bought new, only used for an hour of testing
      • allows connection to standard VGA monitor
      • DIP switches allow setting of desired resolution, sync, etc.

    Apple System 7 upgrade kit (boxed) and Hypercard in cardboard sleeve. sold elsewhere

    I got this machine as part of an estate lot and while I am a currently a Mac user I lack experience with classic Macs as I was still using Ataris at the time. I have therefore decided to part with this machine and dedicate what little retro time I can muster to my main Atari interest.

    Asking 250 199 179 EUR plus including shipping within continental EU, lacking experience with Apple pricing I am certainly open to offers.

    Will split off the Unimac for those who don‘t need it but won’t sell it separately before the Mac is spoken for.

    I can offer a spare 68882 for 15 EUR but have not tested it in the machine for lack of software.

    Both PayPal F&F or bank transfer are acceptable.

    Also offered elsewhere.

    Click image for larger version

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    Last edited by Slx; 16 July 2021, 07:02. Reason: Shipping included, splitting option

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        Shipping now included, video adapter can be split off if you have a display already.


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          Sold elsewhere, thread can be closed.


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