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Atari 1040STf 1 mb, tos upgrade, extras

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  • Closed Atari 1040STf 1 mb, tos upgrade, extras


    Passing on my Atari ST. Take it before I change my mind, and regret it, again

    1040STf, UK pal

    upgraded to rainbow TOS as per pic

    floppy works

    some patchy yellowing obvs, condition as per pics.

    Paypal gift £140 (was £150) plus courier, likely to be UPS at £12 insured or socially-distanced pickup from nr high Wycombe or a services(?) within say 40miles?

    Reason i'm selling is I just ran out of time and its getting dusty (also as per pics).

    Extras -

    a really nice Lotharek USB wireless mouse adaptor, (switchable between ST and Amiga).

    Also a *new* microsoft usb wireless mouse and it's adaptor. Surely essential if you want to avoid the ghastly big adaptors and stupid usb mouse cables poking out the front if you go wired..

    Quality retrocomputershack RGB scart lead

    Plus a gotek (board only), I added the jumpers ready but haven't got time to get round to flashing it with flashfloppy and adding the boot menu (I can point buyer to this) just then turn on the ST, let it load the menu, choose a game of your own, hit F key to load the game). The idea being to fit this inside, totally out of sight and just use the software menu. ive done it before.

    One thing, on my small tv the picture tends to come out a bit pink. But on my big TV, it is OK. FYI as i dont know why that is. ive included a couple pics showing it working, i think the colours are OK on this TV so I'm showing this for you to be happy with. Its 30 years old so YMMV!

    Has to be UK locations preferred at the moment for logistics, outside mainland UK might be possible at your cost but obviously sold as seen and courier will need to be 'signed for'. if the paperwork is no longer easy, I'll need it to go to mainland UK. Sorry.

    <edit: will list elsewhere soon>


    Click image for larger version

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    <edit> will list elsewhere also. cheers


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      thought it would have gone by now, must be asking too much sorry. Price cut above.


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        declaring interest, pm sent


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          replied to Mura27ok on pm re shipping.


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            question, does this model comes with blitter?


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              No, thats the Ste

              Not worth it my view, as most games still released to the 512k STFM and STe's cost more for very little. Like in my PM, i didnt want to mess about worrying about bad DMA or HD's not working (blah blah) so a nice simple games launcher/ gotek for the majority of games works fine for me.

              If you need drop out and wait for an STe, I understand.



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                Hey thanks for the quick replies, I will have to let this one go, shipping cost is out of my reach, not your fault I know, thanks!

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                  Dear mods

                  Please close this thread, now sold on the evil ‘bay ( sorry)



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