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Commodore 1571 working and tested drive from C128D - no controller board

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  • Closed Commodore 1571 working and tested drive from C128D - no controller board

    Title says it all , working and tested 1571 drive from a C128D - I can post a video showing the drive in action - just to repeat the drive comes without the controller card ( C128D ) it may be fine for the 128D CR ( cost reduced ) that has the controller on the main motherboard but it would be up to you to accertain compatibility - Will pack very carefully - postage is from Dublin Ireland - drive is near enough to 2kg in weight ( +1.5kg for packaging ) - if you want to find postage to your location please use postage calculator for the Parcel here - -
    For Buyer peace of mind I share my full contact details both personal and professional .
    Cost is €55 euro plus postage - plus paypal fees if you chose not to send via F&F
    I've added in some additional detail on the drive it's the Mitsumi D502 ... I do not know if it will fit anything other then the C128D so if you have a question as to wheather it will fit XX then will need to do your own reasearch.

    ** Video of me testing the drive -

    Click image for larger version

Name:	186474682_1134298797046555_231817792197662689_n.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	172715499_1106044049924243_451083732030297594_n.jpg
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    Interest declared, pending questions. PM Sent


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      Declaring interest


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        added Video of me testing drive

        All cables that the drive has to connect it to the controller board are present ( obviously or it wouldnt work...) - the Drive LED light cable is not ...this is just for the drive , if you are replacing your own drive then you will have the necessary screws, led cable and the controller board already.


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          Withdraw interest due to shipping cost


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            Interest withdrawn due to higher-than-expected shipping costs.


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              Sold elsewhere - please archive


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