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Pioneer DVD-305S SCSI Slot-In DVD-ROM drive

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  • Sold Pioneer DVD-305S SCSI Slot-In DVD-ROM drive

    I offer for sale a SCSI CD-ROM drive.

    -Pioneer DVD-305S with slot load mechanism

    The drive is tested, working.

    Price is 35 EUR + shipping. Paypal (gift or friend), IBAN or Revolut preferred.

    Pictures is in my google drive:

    Thank you for watching !

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    Declaring interest.


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      Interested .


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        XLV2K I don't have answer from Paadam for my PM, so i write one to you.


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          Payment sent.


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            I was away for two days, so I lost it..??
            I sent PM immediately after declaring interest regarding shipping details.
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              Paadam Yes, thank you. I wrote back to you, but got no answer. According to the site rules i must wait 24 hours between interactions, but i wait 48 hours. After that i must step in the queue to the next user. Sorry.

              From the site rules:

              Acceptable response times:
              You should give any interested party a reasonable opportunity to respond. AmiBay users are worldwide and span many timezones. If you have not heard from a buyer within a reasonable time, you may move on to the next-in-line. We require that you give a minimum of 24 hours between messages, however we recommend you use the AmiBay Trading Process as a guideline.


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                Paadam ideally payment arrangements should have been made and you should have replied to PM before going away for 2 days.
                csabanw is only required to wait 24 hours, after that time he is no longer obligated to wait and can move on to the next inline.
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