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Fully assembled XT-IDE CF adapter! Taking orders!

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  • Sold Fully assembled XT-IDE CF adapter! Taking orders!

    Hi there ladies and gents!

    Here i'm offering fully assembled the Lo tech ISA Complact flash adapter rev 3, another popular alternative to the well know XT-IDE project.

    The assembled boards will include the optional components too, which will allow the boards to work on XT slot 8 and for the LED activity jumper. I will also provide a properly programmed EEPROM with the BIOS of your choice (XT-IDE or XT-IDE+). In addition i can provide BIOS extensions for High Density floppy support on your XT class PC!

    All you need to do is to tell me which CPU you are using (8088/8086 or NEC V20/V30) and the floppy configuration you need ex: (A:1.44 B:1.2MB).

    Price for each board is 50€ + shipping cost (includes post and shipping material). Paypal fees are to be payed by buyer. I will charge 2€ extra if you require the extra HD floppy BIOS extensions.
    It will ship inside an anti static bag!

    To keep in mind: I'm not charging or selling the XT-IDE BIOS or the HD Floppy BIOS. Those are open source and can be found online. I am only charging for:

    PCB + parts;
    Assembly service;
    EEPROM flashing;
    Optional BIOS configuration and flashing;
    Shipping costs which include post and shipping materials (this is due to me not having proper materials to ship safely).

    lo-tech XT-IDE CF rev 3:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Lo-tech-isa-compactflash-adapter-revision-2b-front-assembled-2.jpg
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    At the moment:

    1 card left
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    i Declare interest in one as of 1/5 atm no money but it has my interest.


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      I thought you meant the XT IDE adapter with CF slot. Just saw it today for the first time

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        Carlos, having problems finding a XT keyboard?


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          XT-IDE cards are now fully assembled and tested, all functionality working well. Here some pics (Ignore the card in the middle):

          Click image for larger version

Name:	WP_20160401_003.jpg
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ID:	1458300Click image for larger version

Name:	WP_20160401_007.jpg
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          The 2 adapters on the right are the AT2XT keyboard converters, these haven't been tested and aren't yet for sale. Only one of them will be anyway, although if there is more people interested i might assemble more.

          I don't mind reserving a board for you but keep in mind that there is more interested people around the first ones to finalize the deal will get the card(s). If this is the case and more orders are placed i will be assembling more cards in the near future.

          @Half Saint
          I think you are thinking of the XT CF Lite rev 2. I could eventually assemble these as well, but keep in mind that you would be totally on your own for the bracket which needs to be printed (3D printing service) so you would be totally on your own for this.

          Not at the moment no, i own a cheapo that is good enough for testing and also a IBM Model F which i recently (cleaned/fixed). Plus i will certainly keep one of these converters so i don't think i'll need any more of them. As far as keyboards i'm looking into finding a portuguese layout IBM Model M and that's it. But thanks!


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            Most older cherry g80 series are switchable at/xt.

            Does your XT IDE card come with a bracket? I'm interested either way.


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              Originally posted by Half-Saint View Post

              Does your XT IDE card come with a bracket? I'm interested either way.

              The XT-IDE CF cards are low profile and don't need a bracket. You can however use it with CF adapters all the ones who i have tested work fine:




              The links above are just examples of adapters that work with the XT-IDE CF card.

              One card reserved for Half Saint!

              I should let people know about BIOS ROM options:

              There are 2 main versions of the XT-IDE BIOS i can offer for this card:

              IDE-XT : Works with 8088 and up CPU's.

              IDE-XTP: Works with NEC V20 and up CPU's.

              The IDE-XT is the best solution if you intend to experiment between 8088/8086 and NEC V20/V30 CPU's, or if you are not sure which CPU you will use. Needless to say if you do intend to use an 8088 you MUST ask for this version!

              I recommend this version if you plan to use a NEC V20/V30 cpu and up exclusively.

              This version makes use of assembly instructions that are not present on 8088/8086 cpu's (ex: PUSHA, POPA) and the system will hang if you try to use this version on an 8088 system. The advantage of this BIOS build is that it offers faster transfer speeds conpared to the normal version.

              I can also glue a High Density Floppy BIOS in addition to the IDE-XT BIOSes. Advantage of this is that you can use High Density floppies from boot time, effectively making you able to boot from a HD Floppy, be it 1.44MB or 1.2MB. If you want this extension included you need also to tell me which configuration you are planning to use. Example:

              "I want to use a 5,25" 1.2MB drive as the A: drive and a 3.5" 1.44MB as the B: drive".

              Because every user might have different configuration needs i need to build a file and configure it specifically for every single user needs.

              So for the people that are interested, you must contact me via PM and tell me the desired configurations.

              I am now accepting orders for XT-IDE CF cards, so if you want one place your order so i can start a new batch of cards.


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                I decalre interest, will look up for the additional infos


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                  Declare interest in an AT2XT keyboard converter
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                    AT2XT keyboard converter reserved for bjt.

                    I will assemble 3 more converters and obe of these also reserved for skyscraper, vogons forum member so 2 AT2XT converters still available.

                    AT2XT converter price is 25£ + shipping.


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                      I'll withdraw interest for now. Cheers


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                        Originally posted by bjt View Post
                        I'll withdraw interest for now. Cheers
                        No worries, 1 AT2XT converter still for sale, and 3 more to be built.


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                          I will be doing another batch of XT-IDE cards so 9 more are available to order/sale. 3 are reserved/sold. I have received payment from Half Saint and from skyscraper (Vogons forums).

                          As far as AT2XT converters i am building 3 more. 1 has been reserved/sold.


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                            I made a video where one can watch my most recently built XT-IDE cards being tested and in operation with High Density floppy BIOS in action:


                            Cards are shown working in slot 8, which is one of the additional features the optional components provide. The Hard Disk activity LED is also another one of those features.
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                              I am interested in an AT2XT keyboard converter.


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