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    Hi all,

    I have an Amiga 500 MB Revision 6A with only 512kb of Chip RAM. I want to add 512kb of RAM on the motherboard (it's possible because there are 4 empty slots to add just 4 x MB81C4256 chips on the MB). To do this I need to buy - with the MB81C4256 chips - 4 x capacitors, but I don't know the exact value (micro, Pico or NanoFarad) I have to order. I have looked at X A500 MB Revision 6A component layout diagrams but it's impossible to see/read the value of these 4 companions capacitors...

    Is there here anybody able to give me this information ?


    NB: Please forgive me for my bad english language. I've tried to do my best...
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    ceramic 330nF 16volt or more

    ebay 183716800244 5pz of MB81C4256


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      They are just standard single chip decoupling capacitors. 330nf is a bit on the high side. I would use 100nf ceramic capacitors. The voltage is not important, all ceramic capacitors are well above the Amigas voltages.



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