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  • How to use this Service Forum

    Providing Services: Backing up, upgrading software and or firmware
    1. As the requester you must own a licensed copy of the firmware/software
    2. As the requester you must provide sufficent proof of ownership to the service provider.
    3. As the service provider you must comply with copyright law and only provide services to legitimate license holders only.

    Legal Disclaimer

    1. AmiBay does not and will not condone copyright infringement, you should be aware that this activity may be against the law in some countries - it is your civic duty to abide by the laws of your country
    2. AmiBay does not accept any legal liability through the use of services provided by members, nor does AmiBay accept any liabilty of loss through the missuse of services provided by members.
    3. Members that solicit or provide this service do so under the their own onus. Should either party infringe copyright; they and not AmiBay will be held legally responsible.

    How to use the Services Forum

    1. As the service provider, if you have a service to offer (Eprom Firmware burning, software repair and provision, hardware repair, etc then please post a thread advertising your services.
    2. As the requester, if you are interested in taking a member up on a service they are offering you may post within their thread to ask questions, but all specifics relating to the actual service should be carried out via PM.
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