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I perform Re-Cap's / Mod's / Fixes (Mainboads PSU's)

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  • Offered I perform Re-Cap's / Mod's / Fixes (Mainboads PSU's)

    Hey there,
    I have been doing alot of work with vintage Apple Computers.

    You can check out my website

    I'm rather new with Amiga's, However, A cap is a cap.
    Some boards are known for errors in the silkscreening.

    Make sure to let me know, just to make sure i'm aware.

    Located in Michigan, USA.

    To give you an example of one of my international transactions:

    I just did a Basic Re-cap to a Quadra 840av for a gentleman in Normandy, France. I'm not aware of what he spent to send it to me, However it was just a normal re-cap with OEM replacement caps, I used high quality panasonic caps.

    My charge was only 35 dollars, and return shipping in a small box, 2.6 Lbs was 41.13 USPS Priority (international)

    The medium Flat rate boxes for 12 bucks are great.
    USPS Padded Flat rate can be use as well 6 bucks.

    If the PCB is under 13oz's you can send First Class, Padded envelope
    for 3-4 dollars.

    Lots of re-caps will be around 35 dollars (+ return shipping) including quality, and a reasonable quantity of caps. Some of the larger boards with lots of various cap values and packages, will be closer to 45 dollars. Like the Amiga 4000 or Macintosh Portable 5120.

    Here is a very kind video review of an Amiga 4000, This Re-Cap i did turned out fantastic!

    Also i have a Re-Cap thread over at, In this thread is requests and reviews of my work.

    Let me know what you need, I'm here to help, I do a great job.

    Also, I'm known to take on boards that have damage including rotted traces and via's, I charge a flat rate of $50 Over a re-cap has been preformed, that includes 2 hours of Diagnostics/Troubleshooting/Repair.
    Good news is there is a decent amount of technical instructions and electrical schematics out there for this vintage hardware on the net.

    Most of the time I can take care of whatever the additional issues are with in the $50 Flat Rate charge. However, before I would even consider offering the $50 Flat Rate Service, I wold determine wether or not its viable to even fix.

    There Has been a case or two, Where the board was just destroyed and not viable to fix. I'm sure you get what I am saying, Those PRAM battery explosions can be very nasty.

    Most of the time I can determine this with a reasonable quality picture of the PCB. - Only necessary if you are concerned there is additional damage due to leaking battery, or corrosive cap goo, or any other kind of various damage.

    Obviously you have to gage how much you are spending, and determine what the value of what needs to be fixed, either nostalgic value or money value.
    Sometimes saying, Hey this is bad, I need to find another one. Lots of times with this vintage hardware, If the replacement has not been properly serviced with new Capacitors installed, you will be in the same boat soon.

    PM me and let me know what i can do for you.

    All Re-Caps include a professional clean, and Anti Corrosion / Polish Treatment.
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    I'll keep an eye on you just in case I need your service.


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      ok, sounds good, also if you would like to try and re-cap it your self I have some info/links to help you on my site.


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        Hi & welcome. It's nice to see a re-cap service in the US as quite a few people have asked

        If you are asked to do timing fixes there is a lot of useful info here:
        My YouTube Channel:

        CD32 + TF330, A500+ Vampire V2, A1200D + BPPC/BVision/SCSI2SD, A1200T Black Box + Mediator B1260 + Killer K1 PPC


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          I was the one that made the video review above. The recap service was fast and friendly. If you are in the US, this is the "go to" service for capacitor replacement as shipping is much cheaper with no need to worry about customs.

          Charles also had no problem with properly installing the caps in the correct direction on the Commodore Rev 3.1 A3640 card and with installing non-polarized caps on the audio output circuit. The boards also came back professionally cleaned.


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            Sorry to be off topic, but this hobby looks like an expensive addiction

            I am still looking to finally own an Amiga of my own, I would be willing to accept a trade, maybe you have a few extras?(hopefully you didn't pay a fortune for) and Would like to send me one in trade for some re-caps?

            Let me know, Thank You.


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              Post a thread in the Wanted forum and scour the For Sale forum daily. Worked for me.


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                Do you do chip upgrades such as Super Buster rev 09 to rev 11? The Buster chip on my A4000 is soldered down rather than in a socket, and it's surface mount.


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                  I am pretty decent with a heat gun,

                  I would mask the area really well with tin foil.
                  Flux it up and sweat old one off and new one on.

                  I have done this with I/C's before, and ram.

                  Let me know if you think that might work out for you...


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                    Sending PM


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                      Please ignore my PM. mjnurney is helping me instead


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                        ok no problem…

                        I am not sure if a receive an email when i get pm's …


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                          Have you had a look at an Atari Falcon board?
                          There are several sections nested with small caps that, for me, would be difficult to replace.
                          Image it looks something like an early Amiga board.
                          Anyway, I'd like to rotate one in and out for service.


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