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  • For Sale Amstrad 3" Disk Games

    Hey All

    I gotta few Amstrad 3" disk games for sale.

    Looking for £4 each not inc postage

    - Western Games
    - Crazy Cars II
    - Samurai Warriror
    - Heavy on the Magic *SOLD*
    - Barbarian II
    - Shogun
    - Tarzan
    - Bride of Frankenstein

    any questions please ask away
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    Would love to have Heavy on the Magic again

    Pm sent


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      PM replied - Heavy on the Magic now sold

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        Arrived quickly and in good condition

        Feedback left


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          Hi! is the Bride of Frankenstein disk or tape? I need a disk game that were tested before to test my cpc drive, it says read error, swaped the drive belt and cleaned the head, dont know if the drive is not working or the is just only disk I have that is broken.
          Do you ship to portugal? how much it could be?
          Many thanks,
          PS: PM sent
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            Hi! I know that this is an old thread, but is Shogun still available? If so, does it have all the same feelies that originally shipped in the editions for other systems (Soul of the Sword pamphlet, map, manual)? I'm not specifically an Amstrad collector, but I'm collecting the Infocom games in a platform-agnostic way, primarily interested in the packaging and box contents.

            I'm not sure if I'm able to send a PM yet (I joined AmiBaY just to reply to this post), but I'll try.


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              Yer I still got them all I only sole Heavy on the Magic

              Here is what is inside

              Uploaded with


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                Are these still available?


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                  in case these games are still for sale, is Bubble Ghost available ?
                  Declaring interest on Bubble Ghost
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                    Hello !
                    Asking for an info only: shipping to italy for 1 or 2 disks? thanks


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                      If these are still available I'd be interested in Barbarian II if you could post a picture up of it? Does it come with a poster? I know the first one does.


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