I have had some success with freezing the drive and have it work for a while to copy data off.

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If the drives power/spin up you could try this!

I cobbled together a machine from old parts to do nothing more than image old amiga hard drives using Winuae:

ITX board with a PCI slot and IDE ports,
Windows 7,
HDD Regen (windows & bootable cd versions).
Random Adaptec SCSI card.

The goal was to image as many old amiga hard drives I had floating about, somehow I had amassed enough to make my own version of a boat anchor lol.
Some I bought as part of faulty amigas or were just pushed aside and forgotten about when putting in scsitosd cards etc.

I soon stumbled upon those that were fubard and refused to read or image. I decided to try HDDRegen via windows, thinking well they are dead what more can I loose trying? the idea was this program was intended for huge capacity drives, but it can work wonders. I have seen it fully repair huge drives so they could be cloned and saved. So doing this to something like a 1 gigabyte or smaller drive is going to be fairly quick.

I was very happy to find the success rate was pretty good! in some instances the program hit the problem straight away, repaired it and I was able to winuae it as an hdf with no drama at all. Others needed a few passes. Same again imaged with no fuss.

I then proceeded to get 100% hard drive images via winuae for pretty much every single drive that was acting up.
The scsi stuff was a bit more of a pain, setting id's, termination, using adaptor connectors. But once the drive is detected you should be good to go.

I cannot say if anyone elses success rate would be better or worse mind! I need to use the machine again but is packed away after a house move.
The goal is to save the data out and I achieved that better than I had ever hoped.

As for making hard drives reliable thats another matter! I have used drives for a long time after using hddregen! but never fully trusted them again after they went faulty.