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General Rules (Collapsed)
Account Types
Account types on AmiBay
  • Member
    Buyer and seller of items for their own personal use only.
  • AmiBayer
    A Member who has request to be made an Amibayer has been given access to the Recycle Bin for personal use only.
  • Commercial Vendor
    Verified and Trusted Commercial members: Commercial Traders are welcome to buy and sell goods on AmiBay. However, all Commercial Vendors must declare that they will only buy items for their own personal use and not for re-sale. Commercial Vendors will not have access to the Recycle Bin. Other Amibay members are not obligated to sell items to a Commercial Vendor, and may refuse to do so without having to provide further reasons to the Amibay staff. Commercial Vendors are entitled to a dedicated thread in the Want to Sell forum.
  • Staff Moderator
    Here to facilitate your needs on AmiBay. Staff moderators also ensure posts adhere to site rules.
  • Mega AmiMod
    A senior moderator and AmiBay administrator. Helps facilitate both the staff and members with their needs or concerns.
  • AmiDev
    The nuts and bolts guys who maintain, update and develop the site.
  • Administrator
    Forum administrator. This role is usually in addition to Mega AmiMod or AmiDev status.
  • AmiBay VIP
    Exclusive group for members who have made outstanding contributions to AmiBay.
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