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Unregistered, You must accept the Forum Rules below to be able to use some forum functions.

Forum Rules
General Rules
General Rules of AmiBay
Accurate profile:
You are required to provide a valid email address and also include your location in your profile. Your location detail must have your residing country and at least one of the following details (town / city, state, county or province)

Connecting to AmiBay:
AmiBay is a trading venue, as such we take the protection of our members' safety very seriously. In order to be able to do this, this is what we expect from you:

  • No masking of your location: An account sign up has to have a verifiable location; you will not be able to create an account with AmiBay if your connection is masked, via a proxy service such as TOR.
  • To access from proxies at work: Access to AmiBay is restricted to valid proxy servers only; any other connectivity may be seen as suspicious or possibly fraudulent. If you have no other way to connect to the site, then you will need to contact the administrators by emailing You may be asked to provide verification of your signing up location.

Only one account:
You are only allowed to have one (1) account with AmiBay.

Correct account type (Traders):
If you are a Trader, you will be required to declare your status to the staff at sign up. You will be offered one of our Trader accounts. Click here for more details on AmiBay account types.

Trolling, foul language and offensive or inflammatory comments will be moderated. Contentious topics, such as discussion about politics or religion, are not allowed.

Duplicated Threads
Do not create more than one thread for the same item. If you need help accessing or editing your original thread then please contact a member of staff.

Keep it on-topic:
We're a retro computer site, ensure to keep your posts on-topic and relevant in trading threads. Occasional diversions are welcome in the general chat area.

In English please:
While the AmiBay community consists of members all over the globe, to facilitate clear understanding of each other we require that all postings are made in the English language.

No price discussions:
Discussion of prices on AmiBay is strictly prohibited. We realise this is quite unusual, but we've found it really works, read this section on price driving if you'd like to understand more.

Leaving feedback:
Unlike other sites, feedback on AmiBay is mandatory. It is a requirement that both buyer and seller must leave each other feedback at the end of a transactions.

Staff contact:
If you are contacted by a member of staff regarding, a problem with your account, or a transaction on Amibay, you must respond within 24 hours of receiving the PM.

We consider that you have received the PM, on the first occasion you log onto the site, after the message was sent. Failure to contact a staff member within this time will likely result in your account being limited.

If you are in need of help:
The staff are here to help you with your access and any difficulties you may have in regards to AmiBay. We are a friendly bunch of people and we like to help.

The use of AmiBay can only be for lawful purposes:
  • You will not use AmiBay in anyway that breaches any applicable local, national or international law or regulation.
  • You will not use AmiBay in any way that is unlawful or fraudulent, or has any unlawful or fraudulent purpose or effect.
  • You will not use AmiBay in anyway for the purpose of stalking, harming, harassing or abusing, or attempting to stalk, harm, harass or abuse any person in any way.
  • You will not use AmiBay in anyway to transmit, or the sending of, any unsolicited or unauthorised advertising or promotional material or any other form of similar solicitation (spam).
  • You will not use AmiBay in anyway to knowingly transmit in any form, data or upload any material that contains viruses, Trojan horses, worms, keystroke loggers, spyware, adware or other harmful computer code.
  • You will not use AmiBay in anyway to transmit any material that is defamatory, obscene, racial, offensive, hateful, inflammatory, or sexual in nature.
  • You will not use AmiBay in anyway to deceive any person, or infringe the rights of any party.

Buying on AmiBay
Declare interest:
If you wish to buy an item, you must declare interest in the thread and then send a PM to the seller within 24 hours otherwise the seller may move on to the next in line. If there are multiple items on offer, you must specify which item(s) or how many you're interested in. In both cases, this should be clear and unambiguous. Please avoid vague statements like "PM sent" or "I might be interested in...", use direct wording such as , "I am interested in...". The clearer you are in your assertions the less likely there will be any ambiguity as to who is next in line. Remember, English isn't everyone's first language here.

If you need more information about the item, you can declare interest and state that it's "pending some further information". Where reasonable, the information requested should be posted in the thread.

If another member has already declared interest, then they are first in line. You may also declare interest to be "next in line".

When there are multiple items on offer in a thread, you must declare which item(s) or how many you are interested in.

Sending a PM before posting in the thread:
Sending a private message before declaring interest is considered "silent bidding". You will lose your place in line to someone who has declared interest in the thread and may receive infraction points for doing so.

Buying an item without a stated asking price:
If a seller has not stated a price for an item, you cannot declare interest in it or make an offer for it. Report the thread to a moderator.

Asking for splits:
Sellers are not to be asked to split a lot.

Making an offer:
If a seller has stated that they will accept "near offers", you may make such an offer. You must first declare interest in the thread, then PM your offer to the seller. Do not post your offer value in the thread.

You may not attempt to trump or gazump a sale by offering a higher amount.

Time wasting:
Ensure you have sufficient funds before declaring interest in an item. If you try to buy an item and cannot pay on the agreed date, the seller may, on declaration in the thread that they wish to do so, offer the item to the next member in line.

Purchasing of items for the sole purpose of personal profit is strictly prohibited. See this page on scalping to understand more about this policy.
Selling on AmiBay
You can only sell what you legally own:
You may only sell what you own, or have been authorised to sell. In regards to software and firmware devices - unauthorised copies are not permitted to be sold on AmiBay. In particular, there is no legal definition of the term 'abandonware'.

Please see this section on programmable devices for more information about AmiBay's policies on this matter.

Accurate and detailed listing:
Your listings should be clear and honest and avoid ambiguity wherever possible. Providing proper descriptions and photographs will help your sales. You must provide as much information as you can, also stating terms and conditions of sale.

If you have a post count of less than 50 or a feedback score of less than ten then you will be expected to provide proof of ownership for items of a value of 50 ( Total sale value inc fees & Postage ) or more.
This is to be in the form of a photo of the item with a piece of paper showing the 1:- forum name, 2:- your forum name and 3:- the date the item is listed For Sale.

Recommended conditions are;
  • What payment methods you accept
  • Where in the world you will ship to
  • Shipping charges

AmiBay is not an auction site:
You must state an asking price for any item you wish to sell. If you do not know how much your item is worth, you will need to do some research. For further guidance see this section on price driving.

Asking for Offers:
You must not list something as "open to offers." However, you can declare a price and then state, "or near offers". You are under no obligation to accept a lower offer, however you must inform your prospective buyer that you are not accepting it. You should give your prospective buyer an opportunity to revise their offer before moving on to the next-in-line.

Splitting your lot:
Members are not permitted to ask you to split your lot. If you wish to split something and sell as parts, you must state individual prices in the thread for the parts you're wishing to sell.

Declared interest:
Only those members who have stated interest in your thread are to be considered eligible to buy your item. In the case of a dispute, the order of interest declared in the thread is what the staff will use. If a member sends you a PM without declaring interest in the thread, you must advise them to post interest in the thread before you are able to deal with them.

Queue order:
You must follow the order of declared interest in the thread when selling. If a buyer withdraws interest, you should proceed to the member who has declared interest next-in-line in your thread.

Swaps and Trades:
If you prefer to swap or trade your items for other items, then this type of trade is handled slightly differently than a normal sale thread. You are not forced to accept the first swap or trade that comes along, but you should ensure that the member knows you are interested in the trade or are passing onto the next.

Members you don't wish to trade with:
If at anytime you do not wish to trade with a fellow member who is next in line in your sale / trade thread, then you must contact a member of staff explaining why.

Acceptable response times:
You should give any interested party a reasonable opportunity to respond. AmiBay users are worldwide and span many timezones. If you have not heard from a buyer within a reasonable time, you may move on to the next-in-line. We require that you give a minimum of 24 hours between messages, however we recommend you use the AmiBay Trading Process as a guideline.

Keep your threads updated:
You must keep your sales thread up to date. You may update the original post with the status of your items, using phrases such as SOLD to [Member Name]. We also recommend updating your thread with a new post with other pertinent information, such as "Money received" and "Item sent".

You may revise your thread at any time, however, you are required to leave all prices, descriptions and your terms of sale in place. This information is a receipt of the transaction between you and your buyer. If you are struggling to keep threads updated, please contact a member of staff to help.

Bumping your thread:
'Bumping' is defined as posting in your For Sale or Wanted thread for the purpose of bringing it to the top of the list of most recent threads. Unless you have made a significant change to your thread you may only bump your post once every two weeks. A significant change, refers to a price change or any other relevant information that will be important to a buyer.

Sensible thread use:
Creating one single thread to sell large amounts of individual items will result in a thread that will be difficult to maintain. Conversely, creating separate threads for several similar items is time-consuming and likely to be considered spamming. You should aim for a sensible middle ground. If in doubt, please ask a member of staff for advice, we are here to help.

Selling on multiple sites:
Members are responsible for maintaining and updating their sales listings, including posting updates if the item(s) gets sold outside of Amibay. Failure to update sales to inform members an item has already sold elsewhere could still incur a warning or infraction against an account. We do however encourage that you state in the thread that it is 'available elsewhere', however this is no longer a strict requirement.

You are welcome to post links to your sales on other sites, however links to auction sites can only be for fixed price 'buy it now' items offered at the same price. Ensure that you check the rules on cross-listing on any other websites that you may also be using, as it may be against their terms and conditions to list in multiple places. If you are in any doubt please contact a member of staff for help.

Responding to Wanted adverts:
To respond to a Wanted advert, you must declare so in the thread. Once you have posted a message, you may send a PM to the thread poster with your offer. If the poster is looking for multiple items, you should state in the thread which one(s) you are offering.
Further Rules
There are some additional rules and explanations referenced in the text above which you should also be familiar with. You can access them through the drop-down menu at the top of this page, or via these links:
Legal Disclaimer & Notice

1. Introduction

This disclaimer governs your use of this website; by using AmiBay, you accept this disclaimer in full.

2. Limitations of Liability

The information on this website is provided freely, any information you use from AmiBay or its members is at your own risk; AmiBay will not be held responsible or liable in any respect from the information that you use or misuse from this website.

While AmiBay staff endeavour to ensure that the information on this website is correct, we do not and cannot warrant its completeness or accuracy; nor does AmiBay commit to ensuring that the website remains available or that the material on this website is kept up-to-date.

AmiBay's liability is limited and excluded to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law. AmiBay will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage in connection with the website, whether arising in tort, contract, or otherwise - including, without limitation, any loss of profit, contracts, business, goodwill, data, income, revenue or anticipated savings. Also AmiBay not be liable in anyway for fraud, death or personal injury caused by Members or Staff of this website.

3. Forum Posting and Use

You must not use the AmiBay website in any way that causes, or may cause, damage to the website or impairment of the availability or accessibility of the website, this includes Private Messaging and Email facilities.

You must not use the AmiBay website in any way which is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful, or in connection with any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful purpose or activity.

You must not use AmiBay to publish or send material which is illegal or unlawful, or material which could give rise to legal action under English (UK) or International applicable law. All material you publish or send via AmiBay must not be defamatory, obscene, indecent, hateful, discriminatory, racist or inflammatory; such material must not infringe any person's intellectual property rights or rights of confidence, impinge upon any person's privacy, or constitute incitement to commit a crime; further more - material must not be misleading, pornographic, deceptive, abusive, harassing, threatening, or menacing.

AmiBay reserve the right to edit or remove any material posted upon the website.

Should that you post unsuitable material, AmiBay will take such action as deemed appropriate, this includes warning, suspending or canceling your account, restricting your access to our website and in the extreme case, commencing legal proceedings against you.

4. Third party websites

AmiBay contains links to other websites. AmiBay is not responsible for the content of third party websites and will not be held liable in any way to any loss or damage to you or your system.

5. Entire agreement

This disclaimer constitutes the entire agreement between you and AmiBay in relation to your use of this website, this agreement supersedes all previous agreements in respect of your use of AmiBay
Please take time to ensure you are familiar with the rules. If you have any questions, please ask a member of the staff.

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