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Thread: 4x IDE Adaptor (A4000 (T) / A1200)

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    Default 4x IDE Adaptor (A4000 (T) / A1200) - IDE Fix compatible !

    i would like to share a small project i did.

    the idea comes from the AMINET (here) and gives the following benefit to the IDE-Port of Amiga 4000D & 4000T and Amiga 1200 :
    the IDE port usually provides 1 channel (Master+Slave). But in the Amiga the port contains 2 select lines (CS1 and CS3) where only one of them is currently used.
    these 2 lines can be used to create 2 IDE-channels (each serving a Master and a Slave-Device) using only 2 Diods and some wiring.
    So you end up with 4 IDE devices being connected to your System instead of only 2

    To be able to use the second channel, you will need a patched scsi.device !
    But at this point the Adaptor is using the same mechanism as IDEFix! uses, so installing IDEFix (IDEMax)-Software will give you a new scsi.device that recognizes the 2nd channel properly. (this can be seen at the screenshot i attached - new scsi.device has a different version 119.19).

    So i created some PCBs and with them complete Adaptors that can easily be plugged to the IDE-Connector on the Mainboard (A4000(T)) or using a 44pin->40pin-Adaptor to your A1200.

    here is the result: (complete adaptor, PCBs, screenshot showing 3 devices on my Amiga4000, mounted in the A4000 - it fits perfectly under 2 ide-drives)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_9497_kl.jpg 
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ID:	141949Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_9499_kl.jpg 
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ID:	141950Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20161113_191018_kl.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_5929_KL.jpg 
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ID:	141952

    price for assembled adaptors: 13 Euro 12 Euro 11 Euro + shipping
    price for unassembled kit: 10 Euro 9 Euro 8 Euro+ shipping

    shipping in germany: 4 Euro
    shipping in europe: 5 Euro
    [if you order more than 1 item, please ask for shipping-costs]


    EDIT: here is a small howto for installing the software for this adaptor: howto.pdf
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