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Thread: A1200 and A4000d chipsets

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    Default A1200 and A4000d chipsets


    I decided to sell out some of my stock I have gathered over the years.

    These kits are useful if you're building a new re-amiga 1200 board or the A4000 reproduction/clone boards.

    There's a limited number of sets, and they will be packaged properly to protect pins during transit.

    Declare interest, and PM me - I will do my best to package and send ASAP, but I mind you there can still be delays for packages to some countries (I use GLS, so please check if this courier is operating normally in your country).

    A1200 Custom Chipset (5 chips)

    • Budgie (new)
    • Gayle (new)
    • Lisa (new)
    • Paula (new)
    • Alice (pulled, tested)

    145 EUR (was 130) + shipping (12 EUR in EU - tracked & insured)

    A4000 Custom Chipset (6 chips)

    • Lisa (new)
    • Paula (new)
    • Fat Gary (new)
    • Alice (pulled, tested)
    • Bridgette (new)
    • Ramsey (new)

    160 EUR + shipping (12 EUR in EU - tracked & insured)

    + 60 EUR (was 45) Super Buster 11

    + 30 EUR (was 20) for a pair of CIA chips if you need them too.

    Payment via PayPal or IBAN.
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