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Thread: Trolley Follies home-brew physical release now available

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    Default Trolley Follies home-brew physical release now available

    Hi all, two years ago I made a game for the C64 called Trolley Follies ( The game is a free download on

    Just recently I decided to start selling physical copies of the game which includes:

    • The game on a 5 1/4" floppy disk for use in your 1541 (or compatible) drive. Side A is not write protected to allow adding custom levels with the level editor and to save high scores. A backup copy of the game is on the write-protected Side B
    • A custom floppy sleeve.
    • An 18 page color manual printed on glossy paper which includes maps for each level.
    • Put into a mylar resealable bag

    I'm currently selling these here ( for $14.95 USD + shipping (media mail shipping is $2.80 anywhere in the continental US)

    I'm no longer selling this or anything on Ebay.

    I have set up this item on a site that I built myself but so far has only seen one order so I kind of gave up on it but for Trolley Follies this is where to get it:

    If there's any issues with making an order please contact me either through that site or on here (I get a lot of spam on the support email from that site, as you might guess)
    I'm not sure the site will work with international (outside us) shipping so if you are outside of the us and want a copy just send me a PM here and we'll work it out.
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