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Thread: ACA1233n 40Mhz Accelerator Board + RTC Module

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    Default ACA1233n 40Mhz Accelerator Board + RTC Module


    Individual Computers ACA1233n 40Mhz Accelerator Board + RTC Module.

    The ACA 1233n comes with a 68030 processor (incl. MMU) in gold/ceramic and has 128MBytes of RAM.

    The ACA1233n is PCMCIA-friendly: It will not disable the PCMCIA slot, so you can continue to use a networking card in that slot.

    The clockport of the ACA1233n can either take an RTC module, or the RapidRoad USB host controller.
    Operation of RapidRoad is 55% faster than with the internal clock port of the A1200 computer.

    Fully working, comes complete with RTC module and a new battery. The original box and all documentation is also included.

    This item is still in Individual Computers 2 years warranty program (ends April 2021).

    325GBP 300GBP with free UK shipping, payment via Paypal gift

    Please ensure your A1200 has had the timing fixes done. It has been noted elsewhere that these boards
    can cause stability problems in some (not all) A1200's that have not been fixed.
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