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Thread: How do I get my Amiga 2000 to boot into PAL?

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    Default How do I get my Amiga 2000 to boot into PAL?

    Is there anyway to do this?

    I have at newest iComp ACE2 Agnus 2Mb and Indivision ECS V2. I am using a LG 24" display, I have WB setup to load my screen into PAL so I see the Indivision info showing its in PAL mode at 50hz when I reach the WB desktop. I tried opening J102 and the machine still boots up in NTSC (I see the Indivision info before it loads the WB). I have WHDLoad with all the demos and apps they have, most of which are in PAL. I hate going to the info of the file and having to add PAL so it loads up in PAL mode.


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    Edit the Global Configuration file for WHDLoad 'S:WHDLoad.prefs' and add the word PAL on a separate line before saving and restarting.

    All games and demos loaded via WHDLoad should then be running happily in PAL mode

    NB: On an NTSC Amiga, the PAL monitor driver must be installed in 'DEVS:Monitors/'
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