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Thread: Iomega REV Drives

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    Default Iomega REV Drives

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for some advice on the Iomega range of Rev drives. I understand that a driver has been created for the Rev 35gb edition and wondered if it supports the larger 70gb and 120gb models? Also what interfaces if any are supported? I assume the SCSI editions are supported but is the USB edition supported and the SATA version for OS4 and next gen Amigas.

    I know there are probably better ways to transfer files and backing them up but I am just interested in playing.

    Also what backup software would people advise for AmigaOS

    Thanks in advance.

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    don't know about current software , but i use quaterback with tapestreamers to backup my stuff.
    Amiga 500 , 500+ , 600 , 1200 , 2000 lots of scsi drives tape streamers cd dvd jazz zip mo.
    too many others brands to list and Raspberry Pi , Arduino.

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