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Thread: BlizKick tutorial?

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    Default BlizKick tutorial?

    I have a 1200 with a 1230 MK4 Blizzard card, and I want to switch the kickstart to boot old software from a 1.3 hard drive image (basically it is a CF card that contains 1.3 OS and software; which won't run using 3.1 roms).

    I know about relokick and other variants of rom boot applications, but my blizzard card has a mode to boot from a different rom, using BlizKick. Got that from aminet but now I have no clue how to use it. From some info collected online I understand that I need to add to the startup-sequence on the 1.3 hard drive image, the line to have BlizKick to load the 1.3 rom, although I have no idea how to do that; and I found no tutorials about how to use BlizKick.

    Does anyone have info about how to use it or where to find step by step instructions? Thanks

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    From what I recall you have to call each module individually, it was quite a pain to setup all the OS3.9 modules although I did get it working eventually. It's probably easier just to use a Relokick Disk. The included docs should explain the process.

    Note that your mileage may vary even with 1.3 rom it may not run due to the advanced chipset.
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    Thanks; so the whole setup is not something simple to do I guess. I never used this application so I am totally clueless. BTW I am using 3.1 ROM with 3.1 WB currently; not sure if that is simpler than 3.9.
    What are the downside of a relokick? I was told that it is not as good as using Blizkick since that won't reside in fast mem but in chip mem

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    Blizkick is a good piece of software if your accelerator will work with it.

    Syntax is:

    Blizkick <rom file name> CPUCARD QUIET

    So in my A4000, the first line of startup sequence is:

    C:/Blizkick Devs:314.rom CPUCARD QUIET

    And boom, 3.1.4 rom gets loaded and its just like having actual roms installed into the machine.
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