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Thread: CP/M Cartridge with Z80 CPU for Commodore 64 and even C128

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    Default CP/M Cartridge with Z80 CPU for Commodore 64 and even C128 for 50 EUR



    I have for sale full working, no defective, in 100% visual condition CP/M Cartridge with 5,25" CP/M 2.2 diskette for Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 - yes, you're reading truth - also for C128 and even for SCPU owners
    I used it earlier on my C128DCR with SCPU128 for simple reason:
    SCPU128 disables Z80 CPU inside C128 and I was missing it. So, I was searching for solution. I found only one way, CP/M Cartridge for Commodore 64.
    I bought it with small hope that will work. And it works!

    So, what offers this cartridge for Commodore 64:
    - Z80 CPU
    - CP/M 2.2 Operating System
    - so C64 will have two CPUs: 6502 and Z80 inside cartridge, in use with SCPU64 or 128 works too.

    But what offers for C128 users - with and without SCPU128:
    1. with SCPU128
    - two CPUs: WDC 65C816 (disables original 8502 and has own MMU, so disables also Z80 inside C12 and Z80 inside cartridge
    - in C64 mode offers Z80 with CP/M 2.2
    totally 2 CPUs in both modes and 1 OS in one mode
    2. without SCPU128
    - in C128 mode three CPUs: MOS 8502, Z80 inside C128 and Z80 inside cartridge + CP/M 3.0 Operating System
    - in C64 mode two CPUs: MOS 8502 and Z80 inside cartridge + CP/M 2.2 Operating System
    totally 3 CPUs and 2 OSes - 3 CPUs + 1 OS in C128 mode and 2 CPUs and 1 OS in C64 mode

    Finally it expands possibilities of both machines, for SCPU users (C64 or C12 always works, for C128 users makes computer even more powerful.

    Old Price was 85 EUR
    NEW PRICE is 50 EUR + shipping costs by destination (in Europe 7 EUR)

    Please contact me via PM.


    Click image for larger version. 

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