We are proud to be UK resellers for plakativ-druck.ch which produce amazing reproduction boxes for many Commodore machines. We now have UK stock of the following:

Amiga 1200 (standard white box)
Amiga 1200 Desktop dynamite
Amiga 1200 Magic Pack
Amiga 500 Cartoon Classics
Amiga 500 Plus (standard white box)
Amiga 600 (standard white box)
Amiga 600HD (standard white box)
Amiga 600 Wild Weird Wicked
Amiga CD32 (standard white box)
Amiga CD32 Black Edition box

These can be used as simple box art on a shielf or to house your Amiga. Again these are REPRODUCTION boxes.

Price UK 59.99
Price overseas 49.99

Plus shipping.