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Thread: DIY: Cheap 23 pin Amiga Video cable connector

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    Default DIY: Cheap 23 pin Amiga Video cable connector

    Although this is pretty common knowledge, I thought it was worth repeating.

    You can easily trim down a db 25 pin female connector to fit in the male 23 pin socket on the back of the Amiga. For the same price as a single 23 pin connector, you can buy and mod a whole handful of 25 pin connector. Plus the 25 pin connector housings (hood) is much cheaper as well.

    Just use a little saw, or do as I did and use a Dremel moto rotary tool and and equip it with a cutoff disc. Takes all of about 10 seconds to trim away at the plastic and metal to remove 2 pins from the connector. Couple mm of material. Now it fits right into the 23 pin video socket!

    Couple pics:

    Instant 23 pin connector!
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    Hehe. That looks very familiar...

    If you use the all plastic type of connector (without the metal surround), you can whittle it down with an Xacto knife.

    Not that I have ever done that before, oh no...


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