Hello my fellow AmiBay'ers

I am delighted to be posting this wonderful news today of the retro gaming exhibition that is Play Blackpool 3rd and 4th of May 2014.

Amongst the delight of Retro & Arcade gaming, including Pinball, there is also Indie & Modern games for PC, console & mobile devices. To encourage the competitive the are also game challenges, tournaments and even Cosplay contests.

Also there will be lots of vendors for you to pursue as well as buy new (and old) retroware to add to your collection!

To see more about the show click here

Breaking News!!
A new bit of news for the show that is really exciting:

Replay Blackpool have brought together the original founders of Gremlin Graphics -

Founder Ian Stewart, Shaun Hollingworth, Peter Harrap, Tony Crowther and musician Ben Daglish are all confirmed for the show and Play-Blackpool expects further names to be confirmed prior to the event.

As some of you know, Gremlin Graphics was founded in 1984 by Ian Stewart and have a rich history in creating and publishing many iconic 8 bit games such as the Monty Mole series, Bounder and Thing on a Spring as well as 16bit games such as Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Zool and the Actua Sports titles.

Ahhh good times!

The Gremlin crew will be having a Q&A alongside a Signing session for attendants of the show!

I don't know about you but my copies of Captive and Lotus II will be under the pen!!

Your AmiBay (Yes US) will be at the show providing our usual addition of awesome to the mix -

We will be providing upgraded system for attendee's to play and familiarize them selves with, alongside some special tournaments for the Saturday and Sunday.

(Thanks to Mike for making the video!)

New to the show for AmiBay will be displaying some Live Hacking sessions on how to upgrade and expand retro computer systems with some Q&A during the session.

Spectrum IDE anyone?

In celebrating the Gremlin reunion AmiBay will be having a special 4 player Head to Head knock out challenge tournament on Lotus Turbo Challenge II

Along side some staple classics such as

Sensible Soccer

Battle it our on the Pitch against 31 other players to take the glory alongside a nice victory of smugness

Stunt Car Racer

Head to Head Tournament - Winner Plays on!

Test your dare devilling skills as you fight your way through 5 rounds to be the best!


4 Player Knock out Challenge - Can you go the distance and blast your fellow retro-chums for 5 rounds!? If you can the YOU will be taking home the coveted Bomb Blaster Trophy!

Hope to see you there!