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Thread: MIDIMAN MM-401 breakout cable

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    Default MIDIMAN MM-401 breakout cable

    I just bought a MIDIMAN MM-401 off ebay. It didn't come with the white 9 pin male serial breakout cable. I have looked everywhere for this cable to no avail.

    Here is a picture.

    Thank You
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    I don't own this card nor the cable, but it should be possible to make your own cable if you can't find an original one. Judging from pictures of the MM-401 it seems to me that all the necessary components are already on the ISA card, so the cable itself doesn't contain any chips.

    Have a look at the official MIDI electrical specification here and then use a multimeter to determine the pinout of the connector. You should be able to find that out by examining the traces that go from the connector to the Sharp PC900 optocoupler and the various 220 Ohm resistors on the card.

    Hope that helps!

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