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Apr 1, 2015
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Hello All,

Great forum. I have to admit to being a little intimidated by the wealth of Amiga knowledge on here! Here is a bit about me in the broad strokes.

Bought my first Amiga circa 1989 I think - A500+ New Zealand Story Pack. Happy days, Upgraded to A1500 after a couple of years... finally got a Amiga 4000/030 1992/93 I think it was.

In 1994 I had to leave the Amiga scene abruptly. My A4000 went on to be the base machine for legal Public Domain BBS called Ultimate Dream if anybody remembers that.

Aside for buying the disk collection of Majic Mushroom from Lemon a couple of years later..... and putting it in the loft. Then selling it back to him 2 years after that (lol) That was the last time I had any exposure to the beige plastic in I guess 20 years or so.

Having come across Dan Wood's excellent youtube video on his A4000 nostalgia has kicked in a bit.

I've been toying with the idea of getting another Amiga. But as to which one I have no idea.... Always had a soft spot for the A3000. To the point I was on the verge of buying the A3000 case Aysel had listed on ebay with no plan in mind. So I thought I reg here and see what's what.

Does anybody have any idea what a reasonable A3000 would go for in UK? They seem a lot more prevalent in the US but there is that whole NTSC/PAL/Shipping Cost issue. I guess another A4000/030 would be a option. I guess the sky is the limit with all these rare cards. But something with a bit of poke and bit of ram I guess.

Anyway, nice to be on here I will be lurking around trying to re educate myself on the pitfalls of early 1990's 68000 based computing!

All the best!


Apr 22, 2014
United States
Hi scene1994, and welcome to Amibay.

To get started in your search for a 3k, just post a wanted ad and see what pops up.
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