A-Max soon maybe!!!

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Oct 7, 2009
Salem Oregon
Well, I had picked up an external A-Max cart at the local electronics shop for a few bucks a bit ago. No ROMs or anything, but it was an A-Max!!

I always wanted one, and of course, had the cracked version.

Well, I got the cart and the software.

No roms, but I think I found someone to send me some ROMs. I think I gave him the wrong dump file (D'oh!!), but I read that the cracked version will allow you to hook up an external Mac Floppy and use it, as long as there are rom chips there, even blank ones. So maybe I'll be OK for now.

Of course, that means I'd still need an external 800k Mac floppy drive, which I finally found I think. So, the roms and floppy are on their way.

I have a Mac Classic (and some newer-ish :) 68k macs as well- PPC ISN'T MAC!) already, so I'll be able to convert some software and hopefully have some fun.

You might be saying, "but, why would you want to do that?" to which I would answer, "because I ... Hey, isn't that Elvis?" (as I run away)...


p.s. It wasn't really Elvis.... I didn't want to leave you thinking it was. :wooha::-?:help: (Where's my "crazy" emoticon???)
Not open for further replies.
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