A problem with Outlook.com? strange account verification loop.


Dec 1, 2007
West Sussex
I finally got around to linking my Xbox account to my Windows 10 account. All went OK and I could instantly see my Xbox 360 account, achievements etc and gain access to all Windows 10 account features, such as Xbox, Outlook, Office Online, Onenote, Calender etc..

However I decided to setup a new outlook alias (I do have a very old hotmail account but it attracts mostly spam as it dates back from the dawn of hotmail so I didn't want that linked) to give myself a Windows email account, separate from my main private email accounts to keep things separate. Set it up fine but now some strange behaviour.

My main Microsoft account uses one of my main private email accounts as the primary account login. So lets call that Email1. And my new Outlook account uses a second alias address. lets call that Email 2.

Now if I send an email from Email1 to Email 2 it arrives in the Outlook inbox fine. If however I try to reply to that email from Email 2 to Email 1 then it throws up a Microsoft security alert, saying some strange activity has been detected on my account and I need to verify my Mocrosoft account to unlock and continue. So I verify it via my mobile with the code and it goes to my main account page. Try sending the email again and it triggers the same security alert every time.

Any ideas?

I also tried to send an email from Outlook.com to another of my private email addresses, and I get the same issue. Not sure the reason.
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