A1200 Tower advice =)


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Aug 19, 2009
Hey Peeps,

I'm going to make a start building my Tower at the weekend as the Z4 Tower from Amigakit is comming tomorrow - woooooooo!

I've got the following to go in the EZ Z4 Tower:

A1200 Mobo sadly only 3.0 roms but i'll upgrade later...
PC Key Keyboard adapter
ATX-Amiga power adapter
40GB HDD with CWB ADV SP installed
Micronik Busboard & Video Adapter
Cybervision 64/3D (This hasn't arrived yet)
Typhoon MK2 030 @ 40mhz & 64mb + SCSI
SCSI & IDE Cables

I'm going to start by setting up the basic Tower with the HDD on the native IDE although I plan to go down the route of SCSI-IDE-CF :D

I'll use the SCSI on the Typhoon for the CDROM for now since that already setup. I'm guessing I'll be better off using the SCSI on the Busboard once thats in, I probably wont attempt to fit that yet as until the CV64/3D arrives as I don't have any Zorro cards yet lol

The main question I am going to have is how to setup the video card, should I go with the driver disk that comes with the card or are there better drivers on Aminet? I also understand the CV supports Piccasso 96 drivers so Maybe I should just go ahead and install CWB P96?

I'm really hoping this will run on my LCD TV without a flicker fixer as it has a VGA in and is a regular non HD TV and not a Monitor, i'm looking to run at 1024x768 and guessing I'll have to switch to scart to play WHDLoad games or will they run off the CV64? Sorry a bit new to this Tower business...

Its a distant to dream to get a Cyberstorm MK2 060 but will certainly not have funds for that for a long while...

Also if anyone has any tips to help my Tower building experiance please let me know....


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