Closed A4000 Accelerator/Memory expansion.

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Nov 30, 2008
Beaverton, Oregon
Hey, I have an A1200 with a Microbotics: M1230 XA 68030RC50B/68882RC50A with 16megs of ram onboard, also a 4gig cf card replacement for the hdd. I also have some extra bits for the a1200 that is going into the box. Also I have a stock A3000 with a 520ish meg hdd, and what seems to be a faulty floppy, though for the life of me I dont know why. The drive on the 3k needs to be formatted. Both have 3.1 roms from what I can tell. I do have pics.

What I would like is to trade these items for an A4000 accelerator card with some extra ram and scsi controller module on it. As I am currently low on cash, I would like to ship only in the US, however if the "buyer" is willing to pay shipping I would be more than happy to send them abroad.

I am limiting myself in the amount of amigas I have due to a space shortage.

Thank you for your time.

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