A520 - s-video conversion..


work in progress...
Oct 7, 2009
Salem Oregon
so far... :|

Well, the great information on-line is for a PAL version. Apparently, the NTSC conversion is different.

I got this: "http://www.freewebs.com/kjmannmusic/A520%20NTSC%20Svideo%20Hack.zip"

but it's apparently aimed at people who know what they are doing.. :)

I muddled through it, and I think I have some pretty good solders.

I'm trying to leave the RCA connectors as they are and ADD an s-video plug.

I hooked it up, and saw a lot of green and white lines... Hmmm..

When I was moving wires around (told you I didn't know what I was doing :) ) I accidentally got a monochrome pic.

I had Luma still hooked up.. No chroma. But just white and green lines.
Then I accidentally let the svideo plug ground touch the LUMA wires, and I got a monochrome image. If I removed it and connected the svideo ground to the 520 ground, white green lines (same as no ground).

I think I'll run a wire from pin 20 (video ground) to the svideo plug directly and see what happens.

I did notice that, when I opened it, someone had worked on this A520 before. It's had a chip replaced. And some traces were damaged and repaired. Some of the sheilding connections, that are normally soldered in have nothing left around them to solder to...

That being said, composite from the A520 still works, so ??

Oh well..

(Yes, I'd rather buy Amigamaniacs adapter, but he's out..)

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