Closed ACA A1230/28 accelerator and Original Indivision Mk 2 (NOT Mk2cr) :)

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Mar 25, 2015
Tyne & Wear
Hi folks. I am after getting my hands on an ACA A1230/28 accelerator. (A1230/56 would do but I dont think I can afford one.) and the original Indivision Mk2 for A1200.

Generally I want a fast ram + 030 accelerator that will run with the trapdoor closed for not too much cash. (My total budget is about 100 this month so I am really after getting one this month and one next month. :) )

I am after an original Indivision Mk2 as it is compatible with kipper2k's HDMI adaptor. :)

Thanks for reading. :)

If anyone has some recommendations on alternatives. (I am trying to make a self-contained HDMI (w/ audio) equipped A1200 with extra fast RAM (WDLoad) and a bit more horsepower (But not enough to melt it.) my final project will be a PicoPSU conversion so I can use a small walwart rather than the huge amiga PSU.) :)

Without a car I need her to fit into my backpack when I am heading around to friends houses to play. Hopefully this is a doable project for 250 quid or so. :)
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